Session: Skate Sim coming to Nintendo Switch in March

by on February 8, 2023

Crea-ture and NACON have today announced that Session: Skate Sim will be arriving on Nintendo Switch on March 9 in North America, along with additional content across all platforms. Elsewhere, the Switch version will arrive March 16, and on top of that, players on all platforms will be getting a new pro skater, a new map, new missions, and new equippable items.

Players can now pre-order Session: Skate Sim on Nintendo Switch and will receive the ‘Brandalised pack’ which features exclusive deck and clothing designs. The developers have put in work to adapt the controls for the platform, putting focus on the triggers for turning in an effort to “provide the optimal skateboarding experience.” The early stages of the game have already been improved through patches, allowing an easier introduction into learning the complexities of its skateboarding, all of which will be available when the Switch version launches.

We had the following to say about Session: Skate Sim when it launched in September of last year:

“Locations in New York, Philadelphia, and San Francisco make up up the environments of Session: Skate Sim. It’s cool being free to go wherever you want, wondering if you could pull off a trick or grind over or on an obstacle. You might prefer a more linear experience, but that’s not what this game is about. At it’s heart is freedom. Freedom to skate and to learn; to express yourself on a board, and find joy in the nuances of the controls while delving into the culture of boarding in the mid 90s. You can earn money through missions to buy new clothing, skateboard parts and designs, and even ramps and lips to place wherever you want.

The replay function allows you to recreate the familiar skate videos of the 90s, fisheye camera and all. I didn’t spend a ton of time with this as I was truly terrible for a long time, but if you want to keep a record of some of your prouder moments, it’s a great way to do so. Session: Skate Sim is a remarkable game in how realistic it recreates the skateboarding lifestyle and the skating itself. The controls are difficult to learn, and many will fall off in the early stages, but if you’re persistent, it’s well worth sticking with. Although there’s little hand-holding, practice and determination really does provide tons of satisfaction.”

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