Sonic Colours: Ultimate released on Steam today

by on February 7, 2023

The remaster of the 2010 Nintendo Wii title Sonic Colours is coming to Steam today (February 7th) in the form of Sonic Colours: Ultimate. The Ultimate edition of Sonic Colours was released in September 2021 for consoles, as Sega starting dipping its toes back into Sonic games, before landing on last year’s Sonic Frontiers.

As part of the launch celebrations, Sega is discounting other Sonic games on Steam from today until 6pm (UK time) on February 13th. There will be titles available at discount rates of anywhere between 30% and 75% off, while Sonic Colours: Ultimate is launching at 30% off, meaning the standard edition will cost £34.99, and the digital deluxe edition will cost £39.99. That deluxe edition includes the game, a cosmetic pack, and a music pack, both of which are also available separately for £3.29 and £3.99 respectively.

Also in the sale is Sonic Origins (£16.49) and Sonic Generations (£3.74), while Sonic Frontiers is also 30% off and can be grabbed for £34.99, down from £49.99, while Team Sonic Racing is under a tenner too, at £8.74.


Sonic Colours: Ultimate brings a fresh hue to the 2010 high-speed adventure with stunning upscaled visuals, additional features, a new game mode and enhanced gameplay.

Developer by Blind Squirrel Entertainment, Sean reviewed the game back then, and said: “There are a few extra bits – costumes based on the 2020 Sonic movie, some new music and voice tracks, and a time trial where you get to challenge Metal Sonic over six special stages. Sadly, it has very little to make it an essential purchase, unless of course you are a huge fan of the original and want a sugary nostalgia rush. But do that bearing in mind you can pick up a Wii and a copy of the game for pretty much what you would shell out here”.

Sonic Colours is out now for PC and Consoles.