Theatrhythm Final Bar Line demo out today for PS4 and Switch

by on February 1, 2023

Square Enix has announced that a demo for Theatrhythm Final Bar Line is out today, featuring a selection of thirty songs that include tracks taken from Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy XIV.

There will be local co-op available in the Music Stage mode part of the demo, but the final game also includes online multiplayer. The demo was announced via a live stream on the Official Square Enix Twitch channel earlier this week, with the full version of the game coming on February 16th, 2023. As you’d expect, the demo on PS4 is fully playable on PS5 due to the backwards compatibility features.


Featuring 385 Final Fantasy tracks in the base game, the Digital Deluxe and Premium Digital Deluxe Editions include music from various Square Enix series, such as NieR, SaGa, Live a Live, Octopath Traveler and more. With three game modes to enjoy and over 100 Final Fantasy characters, players can form their dream music battle party, and by using both local and online multiplayer play modes, with additional DLC to explore following the game’s launch, players have plenty to look forward to as they embark on a colourful and musical journey.

Some of the notable songs included in the demo are:

  • “Opening – Bombing Mission” from Final Fantasy VII
  • “Blinded By Light” from Final Fantasy XIII
  • “Torn from the Heavens” from Final Fantasy XIV
  • “APOCALYPSIS NOCTIS (Uncovered Trailer)” from Final Fantasy XV

It feels like this one is a greatest hits collection of Square Enix games, and not the usual Final Fantasy version of the series. In 2014, Curtain Call became the second music game like this from Square, and hopefully there will be some new features to get excited about in Theatrhythm Final Bar Line, though the series has always been good fun and pretty content packed.

Theatrhythm Final Bar Line is coming to PS4 and Nintendo Switch on February 16th, 2023. The free demo is available now. Players who pre-order a digital copy of the game will receive 15 ProfiCards to customize and use in-game