Wild Hearts | Tsukumo Guide

by on February 13, 2023

In Wild Hearts, you’ll notice scattered throughout the landscape are little Tsukumo, tiny mechanical creatures of unknown origin. Without proper explanation it is unclear what the function of these little critters is, and how to get the most out of them. Well, here at God is a Geek, we’ve uncovered everything you need to know about Tsukumo in Wild Hearts.

Wild Hearts | What are Tsukumo?

Tsukumo are little mechanical creatures you can find throughout each area of Azuma. There are many to find, but one of them will accompany you on your journey to hunt Kemono. Whilst you are in single-player mode, the Tsukumo will act as your companion in battle, assisting you throughout to help you topple your foe.

How many Tsukumo are there?

There are five main areas in Azuma, and 50 Tsukumo to find in each area. That makes for a total of 250 to find. That may sound like a lot – and it is – but don’t worry you don’t need to find them all to succeed in Wild Hearts, but the more you do, the more assistance you will unlock in battle, when playing solo.

Why should I look out for Tsukumo?

The Tsukumo themselves that you find aren’t don’t make the difference in a fight. However, when you find a new Tsukumo, you will also locate an Old Cog. This is the real treasure as these can then be used to upgrade the Tsukumo that will join you in your fights.

How do I upgrade my Tsukumo?

To upgrade your Tsukumo you need to construct a Campfire – it’s one of the Dragon Karakuri. At the Campfire, amongst other things you can upgrade your Tsukumo using Old Cogs. You can upgrade the Tsukumo in four areas:

  • Attack Form – boosts the attack power of the Tsukumo
  • Defense Form – boosts the defense of the Tsukumo
  • Assist Form – boosts the revival speed when the Tsukumo is dead, as well as its healing capabilities
  • Threader Form – boosts the speed in which the Tsukumo will provide you with more Karakuri Thread

As you upgrade each form, they increase in level. And each further upgrade in that area requires more and more Old Cogs.

Which Tsukumo upgrades should I choose?

Our preference is to always go for upgrading Assist Form as a priority as it means the Tsukumo is alive more of the time to help you and it greatly increases its ability to heal you, which is always great in a pinch. After that, prioritise Threader Form so that your Tsukumo is keeping you topped up with Karakuri Threads so you can keep topped up in battle and use Karakuri whenever needed.

Attack and Defense are less important. However, the other benefit of upgrading your Tsukumo is that every few upgrades, the amount of Karakuri Thread you can hold increases by one. This is always useful, as it gives you more options as you play.  As such sometimes it is worth upgrading Attack or Defense if you need one more upgrade to reach a new Karakuri Thread level.