EA Sports PGA Tour career mode and features detailed

by on March 21, 2023

EA Sports has detailed the career mode and features for PGA Tour, coming Friday, April 7th to new-gen consoles, and PC via Epic Games Store.

EA says that EA SPORTS PGA Tour will have the “most in-depth career mode” yet, and has released a trailer (below) that showcases it.

From becoming a major champion to earning a grand slam title, to even winning the FedExCup and more, you’ll be able to experience what it is like to compete each week in golf’s biggest events with Career Mode.


You’ll start your journey by customizing your golfer’s appearance with a variety of visual customizations, equipment options, and swing styles to choose from. You can control your golfer’s swing style by selecting their swing animation, swing tempo, preferred shot shape, and ball trajectory throughout your career. You’ll also be able to customize your club head, shaft, grips, and more so you’ll perform just like you want to on the course. And to make sure you’re looking your best when you’re on the course, you’ll be able to equip yourself with accessories and clothing from a variety of iconic and new-age golf brands.

It seems like there will be a massive career mode, which you can read all about on the official blog. You will be able to purchase club specs from the store to ape your favourite pros, upgrade your attributes (power, accuracy, control, recovery, etc),

We got to have an early look at EA Sports PGA Tour back in January, and Sean felt it looked stunning, saying “Footage of this was shown, and it was confirmed that during such online play you can actually see the other players golfing on the course with you in real time. I cannot wait to take a swing at this one, both on and offline, when it releases in March”.

EA Sports PGA Tour will be released on April 7th.