Wild Hearts second free content launch has gone live, adds new kemono

by on March 24, 2023

The second free content update for Wild Hearts has launched, adding another new Kemono subspecies to hunt, farm, and take down. In a similar style to Capcom’s Monster Hunter franchise, EA and Koei Tecmo are supporting Wild Hearts with these regular free content updates that add new monsters, or in the case of Wild Hearts, kemono, to hunt.

This second Wild Hearts update adds new weapons, a Fulgent armour set, and the Grimstalker to chase down. On top of that there is also three new higher difficulty quests, and you can net some new Chat Stamps and Emotes from doing well in them. First up, though, let’s get into the meat of things, with the new kemono, and all the information about it straight from the developer.

Wild Hearts: Grimstalker

A Kemono steeped in mystery, Grimstalker has been spotted on the Natsukodachi Isle. This mighty beast has the ability to manipulate both searing flames and surging seas. Down this prey, and in doing so attain even greater heights as a hunter.

The most striking feature of Grimstalker is the way in which its rage levels affect the elements of nature at its command. Normally, it wields water and waves to hamper its adversaries’ movement. Once enraged, however, it switches to fire, unleashing devastating attacks of molten rock. You’ll want to make use of Elemental Lanterns in order to combat both types of attacks. And don’t let the beast escape unscathed whenever it leaves itself vulnerable!


Elsewhere, the new quests will task you with defeating Ametarasu in Akikure Canyon without dying once, while another is against Kingtusk and Icetusk with only two lives. Then there’s a hunt to beat Mighty Dreadclaw, Pearlbeak, and Lavaback in one go. I don’t know who most of those kemono are, but they sure sound nasty!

Koei Tecmo and EA also confirmed that April will bring another free update on the 6th, with a new “petal-manipulating fox Kemono Murakumo”, as well as yet more new weapons, armour, Karakuri, and more “enhancements and fixes”.

Wild Hearts is out now for PS5, Xbox Series S|X, and PC. You can read the latest patch notes, here.