A new episode of The Board Room shows off more of skate.

by on April 21, 2023

People of the skateboarding persuasion have been eating well recently, with games like Session and the Tony Hawk remake releasing to rave reviews. EA will be returning to the party soon with skate., and are hoping their constantly evolving skating world will keep the gnarly among us excited for years to come.

To showcase the game and give us more information about the activities and progression it’ll contain, Full Circle have been releasing episodes of The Board Room. Episode three is now live, and dives into all those juicy details that extreme enthusiasts are craving.

“Welcome back to The Board Room! Thanks for stopping by and joining us again for our ongoing series where you can hear first-hand about where we’re at with the development of skate.

So what’s on the agenda? Episode 3 is jam-packed with tasty nuggets of skate. goodness courtesy of some of the Full Circle team who are leading the charge on designing activities, experiences, progressions and rewards.”