Goat Simulator 3 Easter Update now available

by on April 5, 2023

Coffee Stain North and Coffee Stain Publishing have revealed that the Goat Simulator 3 Easter Update is available right now. There’s plenty of content in the new update, including a new quest called ‘Operation Crackdown,’ 19 new pieces of gear, the “return of a familiar feathered face.”

Operation Crackdown sounds like a ton of fun, with the initial synopsis reading as follows:

On a small island off the coast of San Angora, a giant egg has now appeared! In order to crack open this yolky surprise, players will need to scramble around the mainland to uncover 12 hidden eggs, each with new, special items to unlock inside! Players won’t be left to search in the dark though – the very first egg cracked will reward players with the RadEars, a fluffy new item to help locate your free range riches.

There’s a whole ton of new gear coming in the Goat Simulator 3 Easter Update, such as a Slinger Saddle, a Shellmet, Turdle Outfit, Rubber Rooster Outfit, and an opportunity to dress up as the legendary Swedish Easter Witch, the PåskKärring.

“We hope you like eggs! There are a lot of eggs in this update. Eggs you can break, eggs you can wear, even eggs that contain special yet familiar surprises,” said Santiago Ferrero, Creative Director at Coffee Stain North. “Was this all an excuse to add one particular feathered friend that we know longtime fans love and miss? Maybe, but you’ll have to play to find out. One piece of advice: Pilgor loves yolk baths.”

Goat Simulator 3 will also be going on sale on Epic Games for 35% off between April 6 and April 20, and will also be discounted at 25% off on PS5 until April 26.

We rather enjoyed it when we reviewed back in November last year, saying, “while Goat Simulator 3 isn’t going to win any awards, it provided me with hours of fun. I’ll never forget some of the crazy shit I did while travelling across a world filled with pop culture references and inventive missions, and I’ll never grow tired of headbutting hippies, police officers, and office workers, or throwing them off the tops of buildings. If you’re looking for a game that is guaranteed to make you laugh and offer hours of unrelenting enjoyment, I can’t recommend this enough.”