C-Smash VRS gets a new video featuring TouchTennis pros

by on May 23, 2023

As we get closer to the June 23rd launch for C-Smash VRS, the developer is giving us some cool looks at the game in real-world settings. Having already brought us a trailer featuring Squash playing Commonwealth Gold Medallist Gina Kennedy (England’s number one, and the current seventh best in the world), we’ve now got a new one featuring Touch-Tennis pros.

Matt Golledge and Adam Hassan are the athletes featured in this new one (below), and while they’re a bit of fun to promote the game, it does shine a light on how C-Smash VRS can be used for fitness, and given that it was inspired by a combination of Squash and Tennis, plus Breakout (with awesome music, obviously), it does make sense.

On top of that, you get to see a bit more of the game in action, of course, and both Golledge and Hassan talk about how the ball reacts to your stroke, and the tracking the PlayStation VR2 offers. Also, as the press release states for the video, filmed at the Bourne Club in Surrey, “it focuses on just two of the unsung heroes of the racket sporting world”. Check out the new trailer, below:


Perfectly mixing the digital universe with the physical real world, C-Smash VRS, which is a reimagining of the SEGA and arcade classic, Cosmic Smash, combines slick, minimalist sport fun with timeless action puzzle gameplay.

With mind-bending trick shots, stunning cinematic visuals, pulsating beats, powerful smashes and dozens of levels and puzzles to enjoy, C-Smash VRS will be launching on 23rd June.


For those that want to try it out, there’s a demo of the game available now for PlayStation VR2. The full game will feature loads of music from the likes of “DJ sensation Ken Ishii, music pioneer Danalogue, passionate designers and creators Kenji Sasaki, Corey Schmitz, Arkotype (Dan Clarke), Rob Davis, fashion house MDNT, Dan Pugsley and more”.

C-Smash VRS is coming to PlayStation VR2 on June 23rd, 2023.