Destiny 2: Lightfall Season of the Deep teaser confirms the return of an old ally

by on May 13, 2023

Bungie has dropped a brand new teaser trailer for Season 21 of Destiny 2: Lightfall, entitled Season fo the Deep. While it only lasts for about 10 seconds and reveals very little of substance, it does confirm one thing: we’re heading back to Titan, and Deputy Commander Sloane is back!

Long-standing fans will remember that Sloane was a fan-favourite vendor during the first few years of Destiny 2, before Bungie vaulted her alongside the Titan playspace ion 2020. Now content-vaulting itself has been vaulted, Bungie have been bringing old content back in the form of armour sets, weapons, patrol areas and reprised Raids such as Vault of Glass, King’s Fall, and the secret returning Raid set to come back in Season 22.

Bungie have been uncharacteristically open about a lot of features in Season of the Deep. Usually details of a new season are revealed either the day before or the day of release, in order to prevent spoilers and maintain an element of surprise. However, many suspect that the lukewarm reception to Lightfall’s campaign narrative has encouraged the developer to be less tight-lipped. Rampant speculation (much of it backed up with compelling evidence) that many features of Lightfall, including the new Strand subclass, were cut from 2022’s The Witch Queen expansion hasn’t helped.


That said, we’re grateful they’re sharing early, as the new teaser features a ton of clues for fans to scrutinise ahead of the May 23 release date. Not only have we already seen the new seasonal armour set, we also now know that Deputy Commander Sloane is still alive. Sort of. The teaser poster shows the Commander from behind, sporting what seems to be Taken energy on her right arm. We last saw Sloane strapping on an experimental mechanised battle suit and stepping out to face the Pyramid Fleet head-on. Her fate was left ambiguous (this was only revealed in a lore card, after all), but she was presumed by all to have perished when the Witness “took” Titan.

Her voice can be heard in the teaser issuing a distress call to any Guardians who might be listening, while also showing two jumpships flying above Titan’s rough methane sea. The final shot shows Guardians observing a giant sea creature, which may or may not be the same creature that was occasionally visible from one of Titan’s oil-rig like platforms.

Titan isn’t the first playspace to be unvaulted by Bungie; we also got Mars back a while ago, or at least a portion of it, so hopefully Titan will be back for good in some capacity. The teaser art work also strongly hints at an underwater area, perhaps a research outpost. If the giant sea creature is, as speculated, a powerful Leviathan, it my prove to be “enemy of the Witness on Saturn 6” that was hinted at quite some time ago.

Either way, along with a host of weapon changes, Exotic armour upgrades, new additions to the Strand subclass for all three Guardian classes, and a new Dungeon, Destiny 2: Lightfall Season of the Deep is shaping up to be a very exciting season that might help make up for some of Lightfall‘s narrative shortcomings.