C-Smash VRS is out now for PlayStation VR2

by on June 23, 2023

RapidEyeMovers and Wolf & Wood has announced that the reimagined iconic Dreamcast title C-Smash VRS is available now for PlayStation VR2.

Back in the modern era with multiplayer, and ways to play solo, C-Smash VRS is a PSVR2-exclusive title, that features original music from the likes of DJ Ken Ishii (Rez Infinite) and Danalogue (front man of The Comet is Coming), to give you that hypnotic feeling soundtrack, similar to Tetris Effect or the aforementioned Rez.

There’s a new trailer been released for launch, too, which is called “Turn off your Cell Phones”, that you can check out below.


Bringing slick, minimalist, feel-good sports fun into the home, C-Smash VRS is a complete reimagining of SEGA’s iconic Dreamcast and arcade icon “Cosmic Smash” for VR and online gameplay.

An immersive full-body VR experience, C-Smash VRS brings together the very best of racket sports and timeless action puzzle gameplay. The game’s high level of physical immersion, gameplay variety and distinct one-more-go quality will provide endless fun.

The game has one simple goal: to make you feel good. Set in a utopia at the end of space and time, its low-gravity environments will enable you to pull off smash shots from your wildest dreams. It is what VR was always meant to be.

The single player mode “brings rogue-like progression to a sports game with 100 levels and a host of powerups for you to discover in the remote corners of the cosmos”, says the developer, though you can of course take the game online in versus modes as well. There’s a roadmap planned for C-Smash VRS, too, so it’s not a case of “it’s out now, this is it”, and instead there will be more coming for the title.

C-Smash VRS is out now for PlayStation VR2, via PlayStation 5.