EA Sports PGA Tour is having a free play weekend

by on June 15, 2023

EA Sports has announced that EA Sports PGA Tour is having a free play weekend, as update 4.0 is also now live, which adds the Los Angeles Country club as a new playable course.

The free weekend will be from today (Thursday 15th June) and runs until the end of the US Open Tournament on Sunday. It’ll be running on Xbox Series S|X (for owners with Xbox Live Gold), or PlayStation 5 owners who has PlayStation Plus can also get involved for the full four days.

Elsewhere there’s a raft of patch notes to go through, with the full list visible here, and highlights below:

  • Add new “Modern” swing meter visuals with notchless design and improved visibly in bright skies.
  • New “Swing Meter Style” visual setting replaces “Club Trail” setting. Options for using previous swing meter visuals and enabling/disabling club trails are included.
  • Updated aiming arc to add an effect and change color if the ball is projected to collide before it reaches its apex. This is intended to better indicate when aimed at obvious obstructions like bunker lips directly in front of the golfer or trees that are out of view.
  • Related to these changes are visual improvements to the putt read line, aiming arc, and online ball trails.
  • Course-specific ball flight physics has been updated and altitude information has been added to the course select screen.
  • Improve AI golfer’s ability to make short putts.
  • Fix for crowd members obstructing the golfer in the first shot of some challenges.
  • Added animation to challenge banner shown after holing out.


There are also some PC specific fixes:

  • Fix for double input being recorded on store pages when using mouse input to dismiss an error popup.
  • Fix for players being able to access locked challenge tiles by using mouse input to click the “Select” button prompt.
  • Fixes to various screens and gameplay HUD elements in order to scale correctly and better support wide screen monitors.

And there’s also some online fixes of note:

  • Permanently disable golfer reaction NIS in online gameplay in order to speed up play for all players.
  • Fix for softlock during online gameplay if player expires their hole timer while using “Fast Play” setting.
  • Fix for incorrect order of players in online in-game scoreboard after a player quits or disconnects during a round.

EA Sports PGA Tour is out now for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series S|X.