Final Fantasy 16 best sword guide | How to get Gotterdammerung

by on June 22, 2023

Our Final Fantasy 16 best sword guide will give you step-by-step info to get the ultimate sword, the Gotterdammerung. While the Gotterdammerung is the best sword in the game, it’s also the longest side quest by quite some distance. You’ll need to get Ragnarok first, which itself is a long quest.

Final Fantasy 16‘s best sword also nets you the “Half Past Twilight” trophy, so it’s worth doing, though you can’t get it until quite late in the game. Also a note of warning, you will need to be a good portion into the game to even start the quest required, so spoilers may be ahead. You’ll at least need to be past the “time skip” portion of the game to even start it.

Final Fantasy 16 best sword Gotterdammerung: where to start?

Final Fantasy 16 best sword - location

So straight away, we’ll need to be slightly spoilery. You need to be at the new hideout, and know where the blacksmith is. After a while, a lad called August will want to speak to Clive. You’ll know the quest is important as instead of just having a “!” on the map, it’ll have a plus sign (+). The quest to start this all off is called “Blacksmith Blues”, and you’ll have to speak to Blackthorne to find out why he’s got the blues.

Blacksmith’s Blues: a four-part quest

Most of the quests here are straightforward, but they’re time-consuming. They will pop up as you progress the story, so we’d say complete them straight away so you get that best sword pretty early on, comparatively, anyway. Blackthorne will constantly doubt himself through the first few parts, and you’ll have to find other makers and help them. All you need to do for each of the parts is follow the quest marker, and do what it says.

Part three will see you go back to his hometown and help out there, as well. Each time you complete part of Blacksmith’s Blues, you’ll upgrade his forge, and be able to make better weapons, too. The fourth, and final part of the quest is quite late in the story (80% plus) and will get you the ability to make the Ragnarok sword, but Blackthorne and Zoltan think they can even improve on this already legendary sword. Enter: Gotterdammerung.

Making the Final Fantasy 16 best sword Gotterdammerung

As if you haven’t been through enough, you will need some seriously rare materials to make the best sword in the game. You’ll need the following components:

  • Ragnarok: you’ll have this if you’ve been doing the side quest.
  • Orichalcum: dropped from S-rank hunt enemies
  • Darksteel: reward for defeating a hunt enemy
  • Primitive Battlehorn: reward for defeating a hunt enemy

Where to find the parts?


Orichalcum is pretty rare in Final Fantasy 16, and you’ll only get it from slaying seriously hard enemies. Our first piece came from slaying the S-tier beast, Atlas. You can find it in Cressida, in a clearing on the right of the map. We’d recommend checking out how to upgrade your potions, or enhance their potency, as well, before you approach an S-tier hunt.

Atlas location

Sadly, this is very much what you have to do now and hunt down the S-rank opponents. You’ll also need to do Gorgimera, which is located in the sand dunes, at the location below. Note: it’s the player location, this time on our image, not the one where the circle is.


You do not have to face Pandemoneum, as he does not drop a material you need for the sword crafting. You will have to progress the game to nearly 90% complete to unlock even more S-tier hunts. This will also unlock the hunt enemies you need to defeat to get the final piece of Orichalcum you need, for the final S-tier hunt, as below, in Sanbreque. Be aware this is the hardest boss around, and is level 50, and no joke.

You can also get a piece of the much needed material for completing the “Under New Management II” quest, which you’ll need to do anyway, to get the other materials you need.

Orichalcum 3

Darksteel: where to find it?

Darksteel is from another hunt, but if you’ve been doing the S-Tier ones, this will be a breeze. In fact, you’ve already faced this enemy before. Head to the location in the map below, and you’ll defeat the boss, and get the Darksteel. The other piece you need is from defeating the The Grim Reaper, another hunt you can find from the board.

Final Fantasy 16 best sword guide: Darksteel

It’s worth noting that The Grim Reaper hunt only appears after completing the “Under new Management” side-quest, and yes, including part 2. Once that’s done, you can find the A-tier hunt to get the second Darksteel, below, in Sanbreque.

Darksteel 2

Primitive Battlehorn: what hunt is it?

Another easy hunt compared to what you’ve been up to until now, you need to take on Gobermouch in Eistla, Waloed. You should be able to take this almost grunt-like enemy out with no problems, but he has no stagger bar which might make it slightly longer to do. Here’s the location.

Final Fantasy 16 best sword guide - Primitive Battlehorn

And that’s it, now head to the blacksmith and make your Gotterdammerung and congratulations, you now have the best sword in Final Fantasy 16. You now can enjoy the last 5% of the game with the best sword. Oh, and take it into New Game Plus, of course (and then swap it out for the best new game plus sword)! You’ll also now have the “Half Past Twilight” trophy.