Sea of Stars true ending guide | how to see the ultimate ending

by on August 29, 2023

Like the very best RPGs out there, when the credits roll on Sea of Stars, that’s just the beginning. In fact, getting the Sea of Stars true ending is pretty time consuming if you’ve been speeding through the main story itself. There are multiple optional quests you need to finish to see the developer’s intended best ending, and we’re here to help you with that.

Now it goes without saying that our Sea of Stars true ending guide will include spoilers. So we’d say if you haven’t finished the game by now, please go back to the rest of our guides for the title, and get advice on those parts, or maybe go and read our review of the game instead.. Also, we won’t be actually telling you what the true ending is, only how to get it. In otherwords: yes, we’ll have to spoil things here a bit, but we’ll only do so when absolutely necessary.

So you’ve read the above paragraph, right? You’re aware that spoilers are coming for the Sea of Stars true ending guide? Good. Let’s get started.

Sea of Stars true ending guide: where to start?

When you have seen the credits for the game, you’ll notice that, along with the developer thanking you for playing the game and saying there’s more to do (standard!), you’ll be shown a formation of rocks. An object that looks like the AI you rescued earlier will be sitting in the middle of a large rock, and there are 7 other smaller totems, of a sort, surrounding it.

This rock formation is in the Moorlands. You can start at the right side of this area, and run backwards quickly through it, whereby you’ll see them. Hitting the action button on each monolith will give you a glimpse into what you need to do to “fulfil the conditions” to access whatever is behind the bigger rock-like door. And that… well that’s what you’ve now got to do.

What are the requirements?

As you’ll have gauged by now, each of the rocks will reveal a person you have met, and this means you have to finish their side-quest. Once you do this, the rock relating to them will glow purple, and you can move on to the next one. You can, though, do each of these quests in a concurrent manner, and in truth, it’s best to.

Here’s the list of people you need to finish the story for:

  • Serai
  • B’st
  • Resh’an
  • Valere or Zale (whoever you’re not playing as)
  • Mirna (Rainbow conches)
  • Aventry
  • Jirard the Constructionist

So how do I finish all of those quests?

The incredible thing about the quest to see the Sea of Stars true ending is that all of the above people are somehow interlinked. What we mean here is that by doing one of the quests, you’ll almost certainly be progressing to get the rest of them somehow. For example, Mirna requires you to collect all 60 rainbow conch shells, while Serai wants you to go and defeat the “Red Queen” in her homeland. But the thing is, there’s a conch shell right next to the red queen boss battle, so you have to do one, to get the other.

Sea of Stars Rainbow Conch 60a

With this in mind, we’ve got guides to finding all 60 rainbow conch shells here. Both Serai and Resh’an quest completions can be found in part six of the conch guide. Both of these quests will end in boss battles, but you have fought the likes of these enemies before, and will find them pretty easy in the end-game. One is a reskin of an earlier boss, and the other can be stopped very easily with Serai and her move that stops enemy’s taking their turns. Aventry is also in the sixth part of the conch guide, too, and again is a redux of a previous boss enemy.

B’st and his quest line

It’s a little time consuming, but B’st simply wants to be the strongest warrior. After the credits have rolled you can head to the town of Brisk where a new arena has opened up. You need to go through all the three gradings (bronze, silver, gold) then unlock the last fight which is more of a bit of fun than anything. The gold fight will require patience, and the twist during the first three arena battles is you cannot use items, and you have a specific party lineup. Once you’ve done this, that’s his story complete.

Valere or Zale and the Soltice Shrines

Sea of Stars Rainbow Conch 58n

Sea of Stars

Whichever character you’re not playing as will want to basically complete all the shrines. You’ve almost definitely found one by now, but these are short puzzle-based dungeons, and completing them all will result in another boss fight, a redo against the Elder Mist. We have a guide for beating this boss, but the second time around it’s pretty much the same, so you can do that again, or use our guide if need be.

In case you’re struggling to find all five of the Soltice Shrines, here’s the list and locations:

  • Evermist Shrine – Requires Evermist Shrine Key – From Moraine in Mirth (Gives Combo Skill Soonrang)
  • Wraith Island – Requires Graplou (Gives Solstice Sash)
  • Solstice Shrine – Requires flight (Eclipse Armor)
  • Solstice Shrine – Requires flight (Heliacal Earrings)
  • Solstice Shrine – Requires flight, Serai’s world (Celestial Ray)

Jirard the Constructionist: Building your town in Mirth

Again, this is one of the more simple things to complete. You’ll again need to be collecting Rainbow Conch shells, as there are four rewards from Mirna that will give you the building plans to let you create locales in your town of Mirth. Here’s a refresher, in case you don’t recall.

  • 4: Something social: Inn Plans
  • 19: Something transactional: Shop Plans
  • 22: Something bountiful: Fishing Hut Plans
  • 39: Something relaxing: Spa Plans


But that’s not it, you also need someone to run these places. You’ll need to travel to four locations and speak to people and they’ll offer to come and run the businesses. These are as follows:

  • Merchant – Lake Docarri village, through a whirlpool
  • Master Fisherman – Mooncradle dining room
  • Chi – Stonemason’s Outpost, Spa expert
  • Edgar – Town of Lucent, Innkeeper

And that leaves Mirna and Rainbow Conches…

There’s no easy way to say it, but this is the longest part of unlocking the true ending. In case you hadn’t noticed throughout this guide, one of the major things you need to do is collect all 60. By now you should be very close, but there are some daft ones you’ll curse yourself for missing. Here’s the guide to ALL 60 CONCHES.

That’s it. Return to the location where all the rocks will be lit up purple, and… well, we won’t spoil after all the work you’ve put in. Enjoy… and make sure you exhaust all conversations.

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