Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew | Which crew members to revive first

by on August 17, 2023

In Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew, you have the option to choose which crew members to revive, and in what order. Eventually, you will revive them all as you progress the story, but there are definitely ones you should prioritise reviving first.

We’ve finished the game here at God is a Geek and had a good play around with all the characters. So we’ll break down for you who the best crew members to revive first are in Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew.

Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew | Which crew members to revive first

Suleidy or Toya of Iga

After completing a few missions, you’ll have the option to recruit one of two crew members on the Marley. These are either Suleidy or Toya of Igo. In all honesty, either choice is a good one, as both are solid crewmates, however, our preference is Suleidy as her utility with her Cover Seeds makes her so useful in lots of different scenarios.  We found she rarely left our party once we unlocked her at the start of the game.

Who’s next?

After the next mission, you’ll rescue all the remaining crew members, but won’t be able to revive them for a while. Over time you’ll unlock the ability to revive them one by one. As such it’s important to revive the best ones first, to give your crew the best chance of flying through the missions undetected.

Assuming you have already revived Suleidy, we’ll now list who we’d revive in order, to maximise your crew early on.

1. Pinkus van Presswald

After Suleidy, we’d pump for Pinkus, as his Peruse Mind ability is so useful in such a wide variety of situations. Being able to roam around freely as a guard without getting caught allows exploration, and plenty of tactical positioning that would otherwise be a lot harder. You’ll find yourself using it a lot, and enjoying your time wandering around hidden in plain sight.

2. Toya of Iga

Despite plumping for Suleidy as our first choice, it’s hard to deny Toya is a decent crewmate, and a deadly assassin. His Katashiro and Shadow Step move makes him incredibly versatile at killing enemies at a distance at just the right moment. His Bird’s Song move is also incredibly effective with its large range at luring enemies into a deadly ambush.

3. John Mercury

John’s mastery of the Below makes him incredibly useful at moving about unseen, and then killing enemies unannounced. His ability to almost instantly hide enemy bodies is very useful, much like Suleidy’s Cover Seeds. His Sir Reginald distraction is a bit weak, and will likely only be used when absolutely necessary or if no other distraction methods are available from elsewhere.

4. Teresa la Ciega

It’s always useful to have a sniper on the team, who can take out enemies from afar. The downside to Teresa la Ciega is that she only has one bolt which needs to be recovered by her. Admittedly the upgrade allowing anyone to pick it up on her behalf helps, but it means requiring the use of an upgrade to make her really viable in battle.

5. Gaelle le Bris

There’s nothing wrong with Gaelle at all, and for some people, they may put her higher, but we simply found ourselves plumping for other crewmates. Her Kanol is useful but it’s quite situational to get the most out of, and so using characters with more rounded skills felt more useful. Her Firecracker move though is as good as Toya’s distraction and is therefore a big plus.

6. Quentin Aalbers

Quentin is just a quirky addition, that’s fun to play as, but his moveset is very situational. Being able to grab a rolled-up rope ladder from afar is useful but too rare to be truly useful. He can move players about, similar to Gaelle, but it’s still quite situational, and most of the time, other crewmates can move themselves without assistance fairly easily. His distraction skill is good at luring enemies away from their post though.




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