Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew | Which Skill Upgrades to get first

by on August 17, 2023

In Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew, there are Skill Upgrades that can be unlocked, however, it’s a difficult decision to decide which skill to upgrade first. Having played around with them all, we’ve compiled a list of the best skill upgrade to unlock first in Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew to help you make those tough decisions.

How to Upgrade Skills?

Firstly you need to acquire enough Vigor to get Skill Upgrades in Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew. You earn Vigor by completing missions with your crew. The standard Vigor you will acquire per mission is 3, however, once you’ve progressed the story enough, you’ll also earn extra Vigor by selecting crewmates for a mission that hasn’t been used in a while.

After you have acquired enough Vigor (filled up the green bar on the top of the screen), you will need to go to the Upgrade Store, which is a chest next to Afia’s bed. Here you can select a skill from any of the characters you have revived to upgrade.

Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew | Which Skill Upgrades to get first

Here’s our order of priority for the Skill Upgrades based on our playtime with the game. You may want to prioritise the skill of your favourite crewmate you use often if it differs to ours though.

1. Peruse Mind (Pinkus)

Being able to extend Pinkus’ ability to Peruse the minds of any guards in the game is an absolute godsend. It means you won’t be stumped by a Commissarius anymore, and he can fleet between guards at ease giving you so many more options to play with.

2. Wander Dust, Reverse! (Suleidy)

Having the Wander Dust but in reverse now means Suleidy can mindlessly draw enemies toward her. This essentially makes it a much more targeted version of Toya’s Bird Song, whilst retaining the ability to send enemies away from her too. It adds versatility to an already versatile character and gives your crew plenty more options

3. Iron Judgment (Teresa)

Having other crew members able to pick up Teresa’s bolt and deliver it back to her automatically, changes the way Teresa plays. She can now be a camping sniper, picking off enemies with ease. All you need is someone to retrieve her bolt when the coast is clear and she can turn to the next unsuspecting target.

4. Load Kanol (Enemy) (Gaelle)

Gaelle’s upgrade is really interesting because it actually improves pretty much everything she does. Her melee attacks become quicker, and she instantly loads enemies into her Kanol. Also, it improves her Firecracker range, making this upgrade essential if you play with Gaelle at all.

5. Grand Blink (Afia)

Afia’s Blink kill move is incredibly useful for attacking enemies from range, and the Grand Blink option gives Afia a one-off move that can cover larger distances and negate line of sight. It makes the previously impossible kill possible and is well worth playing around with.

6. Pull Below (John)

Pull Below gives John more crew versatility as now the crew can be rescued from danger, which is useful if they accidentally raise an alarm. It can also be used to tactically move the whole team a distance undetected.

7. Shadow Swap (Toya)

Shadow Swap definitely isn’t bad, despite being low on this list. It’s more that Toya is a good character even without this upgrade. With it, it allows Toya to move in for the kill, and then by using it a second time, return to where he was, and avoid any suspecting guards who may be snooping around his kill.

8. Cackling Cockle (Quentin)

The Cackling Cockle is a pretty weak upgrade by all accounts. It’s a better version of Quentin’s Golden Head, but this time it doesn’t get picked up by enemies. All this really serves to point out is the one weakness of the Golden Head move itself. Definitely, the upgrade to save until last.




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