eFootball 2024 login rewards | what time and what do you get explained

by on September 8, 2023

Newcomers to the game might be wondering what the fuss is about the daily eFootball 2024 login rewards. Returning fans from the latter days of PES, and earlier days of eFootball will be well versed in what they’re all about, and also be likely quite familiar with how the currencies and potential player opportunities work out in the game.

You’ll want to be getting your eFootball 2024 login rewards daily, to maximise your time spent with the game, and get the best players. With that in mind, it’s easy to assume that you need to log in each time after 24 hours have passed, but that’s not actually the case. As long as the date on the calendar has changed you’ll be fine. This means if you logged in on September 7th at 2pm, you can login at 10am on September 8th, and then any time you want on September 9th.


Part of the reason you’ll want to commit to grabbing your eFootball 2024 login rewards every day is that they give you currencies that would otherwise be slower to accumulate. As you progress through the “startup campaign” you can get 4 ‘Chance Deals’, 360,000 GP, 60,000 EXP, and 120 eFootball Coins.

Experience is, of course, important to upgrade your players from base ratings all the way up to potentially breaking the overall 100-rating ceiling. One of the harder currencies to get, is the eFootball coins, and you can get some for logging in two days on the trot. For the third day you’ll also get a bonus (but not of coins, you’ll get GP mostly). GP can be used to buy players directly, or managers, or even items to improve your contracts on players. Make sure you link whatever account you’re playing on (PC, Xbox, PlayStation) to your Konami ID as well, as you’ll get a big GP bonus for that, too.

So there you have it, all you need to do it log in any “new” day at any point, to keep your streak running. Konami has committed to an opening 7 day period since the game launched for free on September 7th, so make sure if you’re interested in eFootball 2024 you at least do it for that first week.