Total War: Pharaoh | Bay Faction Guide

by on October 11, 2023

Bay is one of the Canaanite Factions in Total War: Pharaoh, from Creative Assembly. Read on to discover everything you need to know to master this Faction in the game.

Total War: Pharaoh | Bay Faction Guide

Key Details

Name: Bay

Known As: The Schemer: Former scribe, master of intrigue

Starting Situation: Hard

Court Position: None

Bay is the supreme survivor and master manipulator. Appearing weak and friendly to deceive his adversaries comes naturally to Bay, who is tired of watching the spoils of High Egyptian society from afar.

Local Deity: Thoth

Native Units

  • Canaanite Recruits (Bronze)
  • Canaanite Rock Throwers (Bronze)
  • Canaanite Sellswords (Bronze)
  • Canaanite Shieldbearers (Bronze)
  • Canaanite Skirmishers (Bronze)
  • Veteran Canaanite Swordsmen (Silver)
  • Light Syrian Archers (Silver)
  • Renowned Canaanite Swordsmen (Silver)
  • Veteran Canaanite Shieldbearers (Silver)
  • Armoured Syrian Archers (Silver)
  • Armoured Canaanite Chariots (Silver)

Faction Units

  • Canaanite Tribesmen (Bronze)
  • Canaanite Warriors (Bronze)
  • Canaanite Javelins (Bronze)
  • Canaanite Vanguard (Silver)
  • Veteran Canaanite Warriors (Silver)
  • Canaanite Slingers (Silver)
  • Canaanite Spearmen (Silver)
  • Elite Canaanite Vanguard (Silver)
  • Canaanite Ambushers (Silver)
  • Veteran Canaanite Slingers (Silver)
  • Canaanite Stalkers (Gold)

Unique Faction Buildings

  • Regional Fair
  • Smuggler’s Bay
  • Singing Competition
  • Chief Scribe’s Headquarters

Strengths and Weaknesses of Bay in Total War: Pharaoh

Faction Buildings

  • Major source of Resources
  • Major source of Happiness
  • Require high Influence

As Bay, your Unique Buildings reward you for having high Influence in the respedctive Province. You also have a more effective Smugglers Building.

Trading Fairgrounds improve Resource gain, doubly so if you have high Influence. Use them to amass wealth.

Singing Squares increase Happiness in multiple Provinces. Use them to keep your territory peaceful.

Smuggler’s Bays produce Food and Wood and is more powerful during low Civilisation Stares. Use them to boost your economy during hard times.

Scribe Headquarters are expensive, but grant Legitimacy, Influence and bonuses to Diplomatic Relations. Use them to gain allies as you strengthen your claim to ruling.

Faction Units

  • Good at charging
  • Best at ambushing
  • Weak at holding lines

Your Units are good at ambushing the enemy army by using Abilities like Vanguard Deployment, Stalk and Sneak. You have a variety of quick Melee Infantry and short-ranged Missile Units to attack with from all sides.

Canaanite Vanguard Units can deploy hidden in Forests and charge the enemy from the flank. Use them to overwhelm enemy infantry.
Canaanite Ambushers can pierce through armour with their javelins, especially when used from behind. Use them to harass infantry or deal heavy damage to armoured units.


  • Instant Royal Decrees
  • Increase Influence across your Faction.

You can command your Faction to immediately apply e new Royal Decree.

If you wait until Shemsu Hor, your Influence will increase in all Provinces you own.


  • Take Plots from Other Factions
  • Suggested position: Vizier

You get to reveal all Court Plots for free.

You have a unique Intrigue, Assume, with which you can appropriate Plots from another faction – you become the plotter, the target remains the same. Wait for other factions to build up their Plots, then steal them at the right time.

Key Concepts of this Faction


You start with two Outposts: a Shrine of Thoth and a Fort, both in Sidun.

The Shrine of Thoth reduce construction cost and increases Happiness. Pray there to reduce the cost of Siege Equipment for a few turns.

The Fort can hold a Garrison of Units. Send your army to it to either add its Units to the Garrison or to add Units from the Garrison to your army.

Worship Thoth

You can construct Shrines to all Egyptian gods more easily.

Shrines of Thoth reduce construction costs for Buildings and increase Happiness.

Thoth’s Prayer reduced the cost of Siege Equipment for the respective army. The Devoted General’s army has Higher Armour and they can force defenders in Sieges to surrender more quickly.

Native Units

You start in Fenkhu, which shares a Native Unit roster with Yamhad.

The rich port settlements of this Realm are a source of well-equipped warriors, like the Canaanite Sellswords that carry javelins to throw as they charge. Use them to harry the enemy lines.

Syrian Archers have composite bows, which deal a lot of damage per volley. Use them to take down armoured enemies who are stuck in melee.

Terrain & Weather

In Canaan, rain tends to be more common than either in Egypt or Anatolia. It makes ranged combat more difficult, so in turn Canaanite

Units are better at Melee, with some of them capable of Vanguard Deployment.

Their armour is either medium or heavy, which protects them well, but weighs them down in warmer Weather of muddy Terrain.


Your Titles provide Influence on the campaign map, bonuses to ranged Units in battle and grant Abilities that enable Ambushing, such as Vanguard Deployment.


Your starting Equipment is a Medium Armour, a Sword and a Small Shield. Use your Bodyguard Unit to flank your enemies and cut them down.


You start in Fenkhu and own no Sacred Lands. You gain more Legitimacy from holding Court Positions than other factions.