Dragon’s Dogma 2 gets official release date

by on November 28, 2023

An official release date has been announced for Dragon’s Dogma 2 during a special showcase tonight. Hosted by director Hideaki Itsuno and producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi, the showcase treated fans to information about the game, along with the date player’s can get their hands on it next year. It will be coming on March 22, 2024..

Back in 2022, it was announced that Dragon’s Dogma 2 was in production during the ‘Ten Years of Dragon’s Dogma’ live stream from Capcom, where it was also stated it would be developed using the stunning RE ENGINE. The release date for Dragon’s Dogma 2 gives players a focus now as to when they can start looking forward to playing, and I know many of us here can’t wait to play the long-awaited sequel.

We were fortunate enough to play a preview of it back in September, and said, “considering this is something of an early build, everything looks ace and it is clear to me that the finished version of Dragon’s Dogma 2 is going to absolutely sing. It has whet my appetite so much that I immediately went out and purchased the original to hop back into Gransys over this past weekend. Capcom are on a hell of a run at the moment and this very promising sequel looks to double down on everything that made the original such a beloved cult classic.”