Persona 5 Tactica developer diary featuring Atsushi Nomura released

by on November 2, 2023

Atlus has released a new developer diary video for Persona 5 Tactica, with producer Atsushi Nomura talking about the game.

The new dev diary features Nomura talking about ” his experiences and history working on Persona, as well as the game’s story, characters, gameplay and more”.

In the video, Nomura explains “The SRPG genre is one that has not been tackled by the Persona series before. We’ve had many requests from our fans in the past and thought this was our best opportunity”. It might be a “tactics” or SRPG title, but don’t think that means no relationships, and the like. Nomura adds “As a team, the members will clear missions as they strengthen their bonds”.


“An overarching theme in Persona 5 was revolting against adults but the theme of Persona 5 Tactica is revolting against an unjust rule”, Nomura says, “Fans can expect the Persona 5 experience” in the game too, and from what we’ve seen so far, it’s full of that same style and cool visual flair that the original P5 experience had in droves. “The player will be able to play the new character Erina, really early on. This might be relatively rare in the Persona 5 series”.

Lyle and myself have been playing Persona 5 Tactica for preview, and are impressed so far. In Lyle’s write-up, he explained that “Persona 5 Tactica has really impressed me in its opening hours, and is looking like it could easily be one of the best spin-offs this series has produced. The combat involves so much more than your average Tactics game, and the style and story have me hooked already. As the year winds down, Persona 5 Tactica is looking to explode with one more beautiful burst of gaming goodness that you don’t want to miss”.

P5T is coming to PC and Consoles on November 16th.