eFootball 2024 v3.2 | Everything included in the update

by on December 8, 2023

At a preview event recently, we got to see what’s included in the eFootball v3.2 update, including a brand new single-player mode My League. Not only will there be a new mode, there’s also a new log-in minigame, tweaks to matchmaking, and more. Read on to find out all the things coming to the eFootball v3.2 update.

Co-op Room Event


One of the first changes to come to matchmaking in the eFootball v3.2 update is the Co-op Room Event. Fundamentally, players can join strangers online for teams of three in match rooms. When in these games online, players will also be able to communicate by sharing emojis to react to certain events. Score a Garnacho bicycle kick? Get ready to share that shocked face!

New penalty kick log-in minigame

eFootball 2024 penalty kick log-in minigame

A brand new minigame is coming with the eFootball v3.2 update, which sees players take penalties whenever they log in, with one allowed to be taken per day. Each successful penalty taken moves you up a board of 31 days depending on the month, with prizes being unlocked the better you do, such as GP, eFootball Points, and special cards. We saw an 85-rated Ronaldinho card, making it well worth regularly checking in.

League Matchmaking

A new format to how matchmaking works is going to be implemented, meaning players of similar abilities are going to be paired more regularly. There will be four tiers ranging from Tutorial to Advanced, with each one featuring three levels (apart from the Tutorial which only has one level). It’s a way for lower level players not getting frustrated by those with more experience, and also those with more experience receiving a better challenge.

My League

eFootball 2024

The biggest inclusion coming with the update is My League. Single player modes have been few and far between since it went free-to-play, and this mode has plenty of potential to bring in new players who want to craft their Dream Team while playing solo. The premise allows players to play through an annual season using their teams, and you can join any of the existing leagues, such as the Spanish or English League. You’ll be able to see the standings of other teams within the same league, which gets updated throughout the season. It’ll consist of 36-38 matches, with tougher matches being staggered through the fixtures, rather than facing the likes of AC Milan, Napoli, Juventus, and Inter Milan in one continuous run. There will be no limit to how many times you can play this mode, and with weather changing throughout the season and new cutscenes, there’s plenty to help change and shape the immersion for everyone.