Green Hell Fortifications update released for PC players

by on December 6, 2023

Developer Creepy Jar has released the 18th post-launch update for Green Hell, called Fortifications, for PC players.

The update adds new fence types and constructions, such as palisades, gates, and lookout platforms, so you can defend your home more easily. Check out the list of new features, below:

  • Fences – wood and bamboo – The first of the new upgrades is the ability to build simple stick fences made from wood or bamboo. They may not be the most durable, but they’re a great option if you’re short on supplies.
  • Palisades – wood and bamboo – If you prefer to build something more solid and sturdy, we’ve got you covered! With strong wooden and bamboo Palisades you can wall yourself away from many of the dangers that await you in the wilderness.
  • Gates – No base feels complete without a proper gate! Select from wooden and bamboo gates, but remember to close them. You don’t want to get caught unawares!
  • Lookout Platforms – Do you like to lurk over your uninvited guests? You can always wait on them with a warm soup or a drawn bow on the new scaffold construction. As we all know, it’s always better to have the high ground!


As the 18th free update added post-launch, the Fortifications Update joins a notable slate including update number five’s Co-op Mode, updates nine through eleven’s Spirits of Amazonia Mode, and perhaps the most notable, number ten’s Animal Husbandry Update. Long-time fans will remember that the Creepy Jar team adopted a capybara named Tenebris from the Łódź Zoo in Poland to celebrate that update, and we can confirm that the capybara is still very cute and that there are more updates still yet to come to Green Hell in the future.

While this update is currently only for PC, usually the console version isn’t too far behind, so if you’re playing there, keep an eye out for news on that version, as and when it happens.

Green Hell is out now for PC and consoles, and in VR.