LEGO Fortnite update now stacks some items to 50

by on December 19, 2023

Fortnite was down for scheduled maintenance earlier this morning, and with it comes a further update to LEGO Fortnite, what it means for intrepid adventurers is that some of your core items now stack up to 50. This means you can hold a lot more of certain items before your pockets are full, and means you can hold more inventory in storage before you need to expand.

The key thing to note is that this expansion is only for raw materials. So items you find like Wood, Knotwood, and Flexwood in their base form now stack to 50. However, if you make those items into Wooden Planks, Knotwood Rods, or Flexwood Rods, they still stack in groups of 30 as before.

The same is true of other materials like Granite or Marble which in the ore form now stack in groups of 50, but their slab version remains at 30. The good news is, that other base materials such as berries have also increased to 50, meaning you can pack 50 Raspberries into a slot to take out on your adventures making sure you can stave off hunger for longer.

This Lego Fortnite update, whilst seeming small in scale, will likely be a welcome addition for fans as it gives you more wiggle room in your limited backpack capacity when foraging for raw materials. There’s nothing worse when you’ve traveled halfway across the map for some rarer resources than having to trudge a long way back because your pockets are full.

This change will mean you can pack more into your backpack and storage too, which will mean less toing and froing for everyone, which is a great move. We’re loving Lego Fortnite here at God is a Geek, and it’s pleasing to see so many tweaks and updates for the game this early on. Stay tuned on the site for more info as it happens.