Monster Hunter Rise | How to beat Great Baggi


The Great Baggi is another early, small monster in Monster Hunter Rise. As such you may be forgiven for thinking it is an easy fight. But it has some tricks up its sleeve that can ruin your day if you’re not careful. We’ll provide you with all the information you need to take down this blue, horned beastie.


General Pointers

The Great Baggi is a small enemy and so favours melee fighters who can get in close to deal damage. Ranged fighters will need to be particularly accurate from distance to land hits, and may find themselves being lured closer than normal as a result. Without wings, the Great Baggi will stay grounded for the entire fight making them quite predictable and easy to land hits on consistently. Be warned though, their small frame makes them quite quick and agile so you’ll need to keep an eye on where the monster moves, to ensure you can land attacks and don’t get hit yourself.

Like other small monsters (similar to the Great Izuchi, Great Wroggi etc), the Great Baggi is often joined by several of her Baggi underlings which will also attack you on site. This means you need to keep half an eye on their positions so they don’t ambush you. Obviously, their attacks are much weaker, but they can still put you off, and in most cases, it is worth putting them down first so you can focus on your main target.

Monster Hunter Rise | How to beat Great Baggi

Great Baggi Attacks

Perhaps the most obvious issue with the Great Baggi is the fact that they can put you to sleep. This has been the case throughout the series with the Great Baggi and Monster Hunter Rise is no different. They will very frequently spit watery balls from their mouths, which if they hit you during the fight, will cause slow down and fall asleep. You now cannot move or do anything until you are woken by being hit. This leaves you as a prime target for the Great Baggi to swoop in and do guaranteed damage. Your best hope is for either your Palico or Palamute buddies or a fellow player to come and strike you to wake you up before the Great Baggi does. This will wake you up without taking damage. Alternatively, an Energy Drink will pep you up and allow you to move again instantly.

Annoyingly the surrounding Baggis can also inflict sleep too, although they tend to do this less frequently than the Great Baggi, but this presents another good reason to deal with the underlings first to give yourself some room. They will often surround you too, so you will have to deal with them to avoid being flanked unnecessarily.  It goes without saying that sleep resistance helps in the fight, so where possible equip the appropriate armour to give you the edge.

Obviously stocking up on Energy Drinks ahead of the fight means you will have fewer issues with the Great Baggi’s main point of difference and will have to rely less on your teammates to get you out of a bind.

The other main attack of concern is when the Great Baggi is when it pounces forward and knock you with their entire body at you with full force. If it hits, it’ll likely knock you back and do a fair bit of damage. This will knock most melee users off their stride, so it is best avoided with a quick dodge so you can get back into the action.

Great Baggi Weaknesses

The best elemental type to use against Great Baggi is Fire Weapons, which are very effective on both the head and body area, so equip that element if you have it. If you do not have an Ice Weapon, the next best elements against it are Water and Thunder.

The Great Baggi is incredibly susceptible to Sleep and Paralysis so stock up on items to help here, or equip weapons with these effects too. Blast is also a great option if you have a weapon of this type, as you can deal significant extra damage with it.


Great Baggi Locations

Great Baggi can be found in Frost Islands.