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by on April 3, 2020
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26 March 2020


We currently live in a strange time where people might find themselves missing the daily grind of their job. There aren’t really many games set in the workplace, unless you’re a farmer or space marine. An office environment might not sound like the most exotic locale for a quirky puzzle game, but the ridiculous antics of Good Job! are perfectly suited to this realistic setting.

A short introductory cutscene introduces your stickman character as the child of the CEO of a company, wanting to rise up the corparate ladder in your parent’s business. In gameplay terms, this means solving problems on each of the game’s 9 floors and getting promoted all the up to the penthouse.

Each stage in Good Job! is its own self contained puzzle, with multiple solutions. The levels are extremely varied, with objectives ranging from watering the company garden, to heating up a research lab. You’ll have to manipulate a host of plugs and hoses for some tasks, and drive a forklift for others. One or two buttons are usually all you need to operate an object, with the complexity coming from how to do so without breaking company property.

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There are two distinct ways to play Good Job!, which are both incredibly entertaining in their own way. For the more serious among us, chasing an A rank by being as careful as possible with the delicate office furnishings provides a challenge to your brain and patience. If you’re feeling more chaotic however, Good Job! has a plethora of options to find a more destructive solution to the puzzles. Using a wire as a slingshot to destroy obstacles and walls blocking your progress is as satisfying as it sounds, especially if you bring a friend to help cause some damage.

With two players, the potential for madcap antics is greatly intensified. Sitting on an office chair as your workmate swings you around the serious office corridors is a joyous experience. Co-op play also offers some handy (and less destructive) solutions throughout your journey to the top. Using a forklift to raise another forklift makes you feel like a genius, without sacrificing your precious ranking. With a little help from a buddy (however you play) you’ll get promoted up to the higher floors in no time.

The different floors of Good Job! all represent different sectors of the company. From finance and logistics, all the way up to robotics, the theme of each set of stages keeps the game feeling fresh. The early office tasks focus on plugs and doors, whereas recreation has you managing the pool and zen garden, and in research you’ll be dealing with more scientific materials. The charm and gameplay tweaks made to each of the floors means that each time you get promoted, it’s exciting to see what’s next to explore.

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Alongside the main objective, each level has collectable clothing hidden, for a little bit of customisation to your stick character. Those drab hard hats and high visibility vests will soon be replaced by viking helmets and swimwear. It’s all very silly, and in keeping with the wacky nature of the game.

Good Job! is a relatively simple puzzle game, packed full of charm and silliness. The workplace setting suits its destructive antics perfectly, and playing with a friend locally only serves to add to the chaos. Good Job! is the perfect lighthearted game to play for a bit of joy, be it alone or with a loved one.


Lighthearted and comedic
Two ways to play
Fun alone, but better in local co-op
Novel setting


Maybe too simple for hardcore puzzle fans

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In Short

Good Job! is a funny and chaotic puzzle game, with a unique setting and multiple ways to accomplish your objectives. It might be a bit simple for puzzling veterans, but for some lighthearted family entertainment it's perfect.