RIG 600 PRO Headset review

by on October 9, 2023

There’s always a real focus on the improvement in video game visuals as time goes by, but video game audio is also in a totally different place to where it was a decade ago. Things like 3d audio in a tense game of Fortnite can really help immerse you in the game, and since you’ll probably want to be chatting with your buddies while playing a gaming headset is pretty much essential in this day and age. I’ve used plenty of different headsets over my years gaming with my buds, and have experienced all the highs and lows of this particular branch of video game hardware. The highest of peaks has now been reached though, thanks to the Nacon RIG 600 PRO series.

Everyone I’ve spoken to who has ever used a RIG headset has told me how comfortable to wear they are, so I had high expectations set for the RIG 600 PRO. Weighing in at a ridiculously lightweight 240 grams and with a lovely padded headband it’s easy to see why that’s the case, but I had to find out for myself how this headset felt.

Well my RIG 600 PRO arrived on the day I was planning to paint my bathroom, a job that was guaranteed to make me tired, sweaty and grouchy. There could be no more of a trial by fire for this gaming headset, but with a selection of podcasts downloaded I decided to give the RIG 600 PRO a go. I simply could not believe how comfy these headphones felt for the duration of this miserable task, and most importantly they didn’t make me feel any warmer as I painted. I’m so used to wearing headphones that get the sweat flowing from a couple of hours of gaming, so being able to do something physical for so much longer than that without any issues is wonderful.

For many the most important element of any gaming headset is the sound quality, and I’m happy to report that the RIG 600 PRO is great in that regard. For those of you who are real sticklers for top notch audio you might not be getting the top of the line editing level of fidelity, but for the mid tier price point you’re not going to find a lot better. There’s an app that allows you to customise the audio output for different situations too, which can improve the quality further for those sound snobs.

Out of the box the RIG 600 PRO HX (which is the unit I was supplied with) comes with a charging cable and a wireless USB C dongle which you can connect to your console or phone for instant high quality audio pairing. You can also use Bluetooth to connect to your device of choice, be it your phone, console, or any other tech you have lying around. The battery lasts so long on single charge that you can use it for whatever you want, so go nuts.

A really cool feature of the RIG 600 PRO HX is the ability to set what notifications you receive from your phone while playing a game. If you want to ensure you don’t miss any important calls or texts you can receive phone alerts as a priority and have all sound from your game vanish, or if you’re in a tense session and don’t want to be disturbed you can stop them completely. It’s a great quality of life feature that shows that Nacon understands what gamers want.

A headset is really only as good as its mic when you need to communicate with your squad to get the win, and I had no complaints from my team when using the one in the RIG 600 PRO. This omni directional mic is great for capturing clear sound, and canceling out any background noise you might have on your end. The mic is almost completely hidden when pushed back into the headset too, so you don’t look daft when you nip to the shops wearing them. It even automatically mutes when hidden, which is really convenient for those mid session interruptions.

Despite all the other amazing features the RIG 600 PRO has, it’s the durability that I find most impressive about this headset. Nacon boast that the headband on this headset is virtually indestructible, and I decided to put that to the test. No matter how much I bent or squeezed the band it was completely unharmed, which means any accidents or rageous outbursts are unlikely to result in any costly replacements.

I’d struggle to think of anything I don’t like about the RIG 600 PRO. It maybe isn’t the most flashy looking headset on the market, but that’s not really the look it’s going for. It’s a headset you could wear almost anywhere without worrying about looking out of place, and I don’t really think you can ask for more than that.

The RIG 600 PRO is quite simply the best headset I’ve ever used. Nothing else comes close in terms of comfort, and it’s unlikely to break with even the least responsible owner. The sound quality is great, and it has so many wonderful quality of life features I couldn’t live without now either. Alongside everything else it isn’t even particularly expensive, so if you’re looking for a new headset I strongly suggest you take the plunge on the RIG 600 PRO.


The comfiest headset I've ever worn
Loads of great quality of life features
Really durable
Very well priced
Easy to hide mic for wearing out and about


Maybe not the flashiest looking headset

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In Short

The RIG 600 PRO is a sublime gaming headset. It's exceptionally comfy to wear, insanely durable and has loads of great quality of life features.