E3 2011: Microsoft Ramps Up The Fun With Kinect Fun Labs

by on June 6, 2011

Kinect Fun Labs brings exciting innovation to Kinect for Xbox 360 owners and offers more extraordinary ways to have fun. Create magical moments with never-before-seen Kinect technology, including player capture, object scanning and finger tracking. Choose from a variety of Gadgets in Kinect Fun Labs — turn yourself into a bobblehead, bring your favorite stuffed animal to life or create art with your fingertips. With new Gadgets available all the time, try out the latest experiences, see and vote on creations from your friends, and rate your favorite Gadgets.

Show Off and Share. Post your favorite photo and video moments through KinectShare.com to any number of social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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Player Capture
Stand in front of the Kinect sensor to create real-you avatars to play with and share. From the clothes you’re wearing to your hairstyle, Kinect will capture your likeness in ways you’ve never seen before.

  • Kinect Me. Build an avatar that looks just like you! Just stand in front of the Kinect sensor and your face, hair, clothes and voice will make up your lifelike avatar. Pose for a photo shoot or put together a personalized flip book.
  • Bobble Head. Using your imagination, the fun with Bobble Head is endless! With the player capture technology, you can transform yourself into a babbling bobblehead you can share with friends, throw around or place on a virtual car

    dashboard and make wobble any way you want.

Object Scanning
Scan your favorite objects to create virtual toys. Hold an item in front of the sensor and let Kinect instantly create a full, interactive 3-D model from it.

  • Build A Buddy. Bring your stuff to life! Scan any object, choose different characteristics, mix in your own voice and watch your buddy spring into action. Interact with your buddy and create goofy videos.
  • Kinect Googly Eyes. Make your own puppet show! Place googly eyes on any item, and use your movement and voice

    to give it a unique personality. Animate your new friend and tell a story.

Finger Tracking and Background Removal
This July, increased tracking precision will enable greater expression and creativity. Let your fingers take control, and manipulate the screen with any one — or all — of your digits. Enhanced background removal functionality facilitates layering images of people seamlessly onto new backgrounds to let you further unleash your creativity.

  • Kinect Sparkler. Paint with light! Use your body as a stencil and your fingers to paint or write with sparklers. Your room

    becomes your canvas. Share your masterpiece with friends and family.

Avatar Kinect
Also coming this July, Avatar Kinect allows you to hang out with up to seven friends in creative, themed environments — from talk-show and late-night comedy sets to tailgate parties and performance stages — and capture animated videos you can share online. With the power of Kinect, control your avatar’s movements and facial expressions in ways never before possible: When you smile, frown, nod or speak, your avatar will do the same. Whether it’s friends getting together to chat, social networkers looking for new ways to engage their followers or a tool to re-enact your favorite movie lines, Avatar Kinect opens up a whole new world of creativity and social interactivity.