Geek in the Tubes – Episode Two (Xbox, Minecraft, Hot Dogs and More)

by on August 26, 2011

Geek in the Tubes - Episode Two (Xbox, Minecraft, Hot Dogs and More)Hello and welcome to the second instalment of Geek in the Tubes, our monthly round up of some of the very best gaming videos to be found around the web. If this is your first time viewing, do check out the awesome videos we showed you last month to whet your appetite for our latest offering.

Coming up on episode two we’ll be getting educational, showing you the video of Microsoft’s Xbox unveiling at CES in 2001. Xbox is ten years old now, so it has to be celebrated. If that doesn’t make you happy, some Minecraft action plus Capcom’s Ono and Harada eating copious amounts of hot dogs surely will.

The original Xbox console hit the big one-zero in the past month or so. It’s hard to believe that Microsoft’s first console entered the market just ten years ago. The console has clearly come a long way in that time, and Microsoft clearly knows how to make and market a games console. It wasn’t always that way, though. Check out this clip to see wrestling legend The Rock telling Bill Gates that “It doesn’t matter” back at CES in 2001 when the first Xbox was officially unveiled to the public. Yes, 2001.

Ah, good old Xbox. Congratulations Microsoft, but onto the next clip!

Minecraft is massive right now, and our team members are getting in on the action by putting plenty of hours into the game. We haven’t seen our Editor-in-Chief, Calvin, for weeks. He doesn’t even sleep any more, and he is starting to smell quite horrible. That said, the creativity that Minecraft is spawning is truly something to behold. There have been plenty of Tetris tributes on Minecraft, but this recent attempt, entitled Stop Motion Tetris, is truly something to behold. The creator, MrJoBilly, even went as far to post a proof video to convince doubters that it was actually made within Minecraft. Check it out.

Next up we have a real treat for you, thanks to Capcom. In a (sort of) promotional video for Street Fighter X Tekken, the company pitted a real life Ono vs. a real life Harada, but they didn’t fight as you would expect them to. Instead, the pair compete in a variety of hilarious ways, which include an unorthodox tug-of-war using a pair of tights, downing their favourite fizzy pop and a very funny hot dog eating contest. It’s ten minutes long, but it will be the best ten minutes of your day.

Now, there is a fair chance you have seen this last video today, but we couldn’t not give it a mention on this happiest of Fridays. TNT is a Minecraft parody of Tiao Cruz’s hit, Dynamite, and it is absolutely hilarious. It took Youtuber CaptainSparklez over a month to create, with the help of his buddies and has been a smash hit on YouTube, with over ten million hits to date. Amazing stuff.

We hope you enjoyed the second instalment of Geek in the Tubes. If you come across any clips you think deserve to be featured here, then let us know and we’ll mention your name in post. Have a fantastic weekend!

Geek in the Tubes is part of Feature Friday here at God is a Geek, and will return next month with Episode Three. You can see previous instalments here.