E3 2012: EA Sports Wrestle UFC License from THQ

by on June 6, 2012

E3 2012: EA Sports Wrestle UFC License from THQIn one of the biggest shock moves seen at E3 2012 so far, EA Sports announced that they would from now on be partnered with UFC – the Ultimate Fighting Championship – for all of their videogames. This is bound to be a huge blow for the already-struggling THQ, as the UFC Undisputed series had been one of the few success stories for the company over the last few years – as well as the well-received UFC Personal Trainer fitness title.

UFC President Dana White was on-hand at E3 during the EA Sports demonstration, to help celebrate the fact that the world’s largest MMA organisation is now partnered with the world’s largest videogame publisher. EA had previously released their own EA MMA title – in which Dana White outlawed his fighters from appearing, but the two parties seem to have ironed out their difficulties for the sake of this new deal.

Check out the trailer and announcement below:

The EA / UFC deal is a multi-year, multi-product deal, but no details are known as of yet about the actual games.