The Godcast: Season 4 Episode 28

by on July 16, 2012

The Godcast: Season 4 Episode 28Lee returns from his holiday in this week’s edition of The Godcast.

The news is dominated this week by Kickstarters and Movies being made that are based on games. Luckily though, Lee has been playing Borderlands 2 and takes questions from the team about it. Lollipop Chainsaw also gets praise lavished upon it, while Calvin has been playing game-mods galore and Ryan finally starts Mass Effect 3.

If you want to follow any of the guys on Twitter, it’s pretty easy to do so. Adam is @JebusF,¬†Calvin is @CR, Ryan is @FoolishUK and Lee is @WhiteSpyderZero.

We’re extending our competition to win a copy of Prototype 2 on Xbox 360 and we’re throwing in a PlayStation 3 copy of Devil May Cry HD Collection, listen to the end for how to win and get your friends listening and subscribing, so we can bring you bigger and better prizes!

Show Notes

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