The Dirtsheet – SimCity in Real Life, Joakim Mogren on GTTV

by on March 17, 2013

It’s time for another episode of GodisaGeek’s seven day recap on the most important stories in video games.

The SimCity issues refuse to go away as everyone goes further down the rabbit hole, whilst we here at The Dirtsheet see if any of that is applicable to real life. Also, Joakim Mogren may have appeared on GameTrailers TV this past week, but Geoff Keighley conducted an even bigger interview that never aired.

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Enjoy this week’s episode of The Dirtsheet and spread the word ’cause I’ll be here next week and every other week after that, bringing you the dirt that you want to know about.

The Dirtsheet is weekly video show where News Editor Colm Ahern discusses the major talking points in the world of video games from the previous seven days.