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The Cycle Adds New Ranked Mode

by on January 23, 2020

Mick Fraser rather liked The Cycle, saying it’s like Fortnite and Borderlands had a baby, so I think it’s fair to say that he might be interested in today’s update. YAGER has added a Ranked Mode to the Free-to-Play battle royale/RPG hybrid.

Ranked Mode strips away story missions and random drops, making it all about being the best player out there. Or squad, in this case. Ranked mode is only available for squads for the first week, with the second week focusing on duos. Solo will remain unranked for the time being, with player feedback shaping the future of Ranked Modes.

So, how does Ranked Mode work? Well, how about I let the developer tell you:

All players start with the same Prospector rank when they join a ranked match for the first time. To increase this rank, they have to finish the match in the best spot they can. Players are, currently, not matched by their rank. How the matchmaking will work in the future depends on fan feedback.

After each successful round, all competitors receive points that eventually increase their rank. Once a player reaches the last level, they become a Prestige Prospector and unlock exclusive banners that mark them out as Prestige player. This rank can be increased infinitely.

On top of this new mode, YAGER has also added the first iteration of the what will be the game’s social hub: the Space Station. Players can move around and interact with each other, with the eventual goal to grow it into a proper central hub with crafting spaces and shops. A bit like Destiny, it seems.


The Cycle is available as a Free-to-Play game on PC, available via the Epic Games Store.