Monster Hunter Rise | How to capture monsters

by on March 28, 2021

As well as just hacking away at monsters until they die, there is another way to victory in Monster Hunter Rise, and that is to capture monsters. This handy guide will tell you everything you need to know about how to capture monsters in Monster Hunter Rise and why this is such a useful thing to do throughout your adventure.


How to capture in Monster Hunter Rise

The basic premise of capturing monsters in Monster Hunter Rise is quite simple. It’s very similar to previous titles in the series, but if this is the first Monster Hunter game you may be unfamiliar with what to do. Essentially you need to deal enough damage to a Monster so that it is weakened. Then when it is in this state you set a trap for it to walk into. The final step is to then tranquilize the Monster before it is registered as a capture.

Monster Hunter Rise capture

How do you know when a Monster is weakened?

Thankfully there’s a really simple way to tell when a Monster is ready for capture in Monster Hunter Rise. Aside from the fact the Monster will likely be limping around from area to area and may even go to sleep to recover, there is a sure-fire way of knowing. What you’re looking for is an icon in the top right corner of your screen. Where you see the picture of the monsters in the area you are in, you will also notice a blackish bar underneath each picture. This bar displays various icons detailing the state of monsters during a hunt. These can range from when you mount one using silk bind abilities or when you’ve used items to lure monsters to your position.

The icon we’re looking for though is a blue face icon because that indicates a weakened monster in Monster Hunter Rise and means we can begin our capture. The blue icon will also be present on the minimap over the monster icon too.

What you need to be able to capture

To successfully capture a monster in Monster Hunter Rise, you need one trap and two Tranquilizer Bombs.

You can craft them as follows:

Pitfall Trap (Crafting Recipe 36)

  • Requires 1x Net and 1x Trap Tool

Nets can be made using Crafting Recipe 35 and require 1x Ivy and 1x Spider Web. Both of these can be found whilst out exploring.

Trap Tools are sometimes rewards for quests, but more often than not you’ll be buying these from the merchant. It’s best to wait for a sale when they’ll be half price at 100z each and then stock up.

Shock Trap (Crafting Recipe 37)

  • Requires 1x Thunderbug and 1x Trap Tool

Thunderbugs can be found in the wild on rocks or trees.

Tranquilizer Bombs (Crafting Recipe 38)

  • Requires 1x Sleep Herb and 1x Parashroom

Both Sleep Herbs and Parashrooms can be found out in the wild. Alternatively, you can buy Tranquilizer Bombs directly from the merchant. Again wait for a sale and they will only cost you 90z each. Remember you need 2 for a successful capture.

Why should I bother to capture in Monster Hunter Rise?

The main reason to capture in Monster Hunter Rise instead of straight out killing is for the rewards. Not only does capturing mean you don’t have to worry about carving at the end of the fight, but it also affects what materials you might get from the downed monster.

Each monster has a set percentage likelihood of receiving each of its materials depending on how you killed it or whether you broke a part etc. Capturing has its own percentages and often has a greater chance of acquiring rarer materials. And for some monsters, you can only obtain certain materials through capturing. As such being able to capture keeps your options open and is worth doing whenever you can on a hunt.

Take the example of a Great Wroggi monster below. You can see there is a higher chance of receiving a Great Wroggi Brace from carving so if you were looking for that for your next weapon or armour upgrade then carving would give you better odds at the end of a hunt.

Additional things to remember when capturing

  1. Positioning yourself when laying a trap: When you’ve laid a trap (it takes a few moments so make sure you have the time) position yourself the other side of the trap to the monster. That way they’re likely to chase you and run straight into it. If you’re playing with other people, make sure they all do the same.
  2. Picking the right trap: Both traps will work on monsters but sometimes one is preferable to the other. Shock traps will be less effective on monsters of that type, and obviously flying monsters may run into pitfall traps less easily, so bear that in mind.
  3. Bring spares: It’s always best to bring one of each trap and the max of 8 Tranquilizer Bombs on each hunt just in case. First in case a monster doesn’t fall for your trap and wanders off to another area before falling into it. Also the time window for an enemy being trapped and you having to use your Tranquilizer Bombs is small so you may need to try a second time. Also use your Tranquilizer Bombs literally on the monster to avoid missing with them.
  4. You have less time after a capture before you return: Because you don’t need to carve you only have 20 seconds after a hunt rather than the usual 60 seconds. Just bear that in mind if you often go and carve or gather materials at this point.