Monster Hunter Stories 2 | 5 Best Monsters to get early

by on July 9, 2021

Monster Hunter Stories 2 has well over 100 different Monsties you can collect and level up, but it can be difficult to know which Monsters are the best. Depending on their initial stats, their skills, and how early in the game you find them, certain Monsters can be much better than others to have in your party. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the 5 Best Monsters to get early in Monster Hunter Stories 2.

What makes a good Monster?

There are three main traits to Monsters that you can use to help determine how good they are to have in your party. They are:

  1. Star Rating: The higher this rating, the stronger a monster is overall. Generally speaking the higher starred Monsters are found later in the game, although there are exceptions
  2. Skills: Each Monster will have 1 or 2 Skills they can use whilst being ridden in the field. These are useful for getting to otherwise impossible-to-reach locations or to assist you in other ways on your adventure.
  3. Rarity / Genetics: The rarer a Monster is, the better its genes. This allows for better and more additional abilities that Monsters can learn as they level up.

Star Rating and Skills are pre-defined to each individual Monster. And so this list will focus on the best Monsters in these areas. However, you should definitely be looking for Rare Eggs to help get better genetics for your Monsters.

For more information on how to find Rare Eggs, check out our guide here.

5 Best Monsters to get early in Monster Hunter Stories 2

5. Royal Ludroth

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Best Monsters

It may seem like an odd choice, but the Royal Ludroth is a really solid choice for the early game. It’s a solid Power type Monster that can hold its own. It also has a lot of Water abilities that can be pretty handy, especially if you get a Rare version of it. The sweetener though is that Royal Ludroth is also the earliest Monster in the game with the Swim ability. This means having it in your party gives you access to otherwise blocked-off areas, full of treasure chests, either in the field or in Monster Dens.

4. Paolumu

Paolumu on the face of it seems fairly unassuming as a Monster as it doesn’t look anything special. However, it is a very solid Technical Monster that will likely outrank in pure stats any other Technical Monster you’ll acquire at the time, especially if you manage to nab a Rare egg, which they are reasonably plentiful too, so this shouldn’t be a problem. It’s Kinship Skill also damage all enemies on the field of battle, making it really useful at clearing our grunts and dealing damage to the main target. As such it’s likely Paolumu will stay in your party for a fair few hours.

3. Nargacuga

Nargacuga is a Speed Monster, rounding off your party nicely with the Royal Ludroth and Paolumu. But that’s not all it has going for it. Its Stealth Skill is really useful for sneaking up on Monsters and initiating a Surprise Attack to land a free round of hits before the battle starts properly. Nargacuga also has an insanely high Critical Hit rate meaning, it’ll often do decent damage to enemies in battle too.

2. Monoblos

Monoblos will be one of the first Royal Monsters that you encounter sleep in Harzgai Rocky Hill. It’ll be a tough fight to wear him down enough to then hit with a Paintball to try and lure him to a Monster Den and nab the egg. It is even advisable to maybe come back when you are stronger to tackle him. But when you do succeed, you’ll have bagged a 5 Star rated Monster, at the earliest possible point.

Monoblos is another Power Monster and has high resistance to most elements compared to other Monsters. He can also deal a lot of damage too. His Roar Skill can frighten other Monsters in the field to give you manevorability. Also his Ground Diver skill can be used to access certain areas to find foraging piles or treasure chests.

1. Tigrex

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Best Monsters

The second of the Harzgai Rocky Hill Royal Monsters is Tigrex, and again despite being tough to actually defeat and nab and egg for, he is well worth the trouble. A Speed Monstie, he can be ridden around the world at a decent pace, but he’s also very strong with his 5 Star rating.

He has similar general stats to Monoblos but a slightly higher Critical Hit rating, which is always a bonus. He trades Elemental Attack power for slightly lower defensive stats than Monoblos. However, his defensive stats are still on par with other non-Royal Monsters this early in the game. Tigrex is also the earliest Monster in the game with the Ivy Climb Skill. This means all those vines you’ve been seeing up to now can finally be scaled and the treasure they’ve been securing can be looted.

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