Monster Hunter Stories 2 | How to get S Rank

by on July 9, 2021

You’ll find yourself battling a lot in Monster Hunter Stories 2, often looking to get that elusive S Rank award at the end of each and every fight. But getting S Rank can be quite tricky, especially if you’re not quite sure how it works. But it’s well worth trying to get the highest ranking as you get more rewards. We’ve compiled a handy guide to help you understand how you get S Rank in each fight in Monster Hunter Stories 2.

What is S Rank in Monster Hunter Stories 2?

S Rank is the highest rank you can achieve after each fight. It is a measure of how well you fought in the previous battle. The Ranking system goes from the letter D, through C, B, and A before reaching S Rank.

How is my ranking calculated?

Your ranking is based on the number of Battle Points you have accumulated throughout the fight. The more points you achieve, the higher your ranking. The breakdown is below:

D Rank: 50 points or more

C Rank: 150 points or more

B Rank: 250 points or more

A Rank: 350 points or more

S Rank: 500 points or more

Why do I want S Rank?

Achieving a higher rank, rewards you with bonus items and monster parts for your trouble. The amount of bonus items you get depends on your rank. See below:

D Rank: 1 bonus item

C Rank: 2 bonus items

B Rank: 3 bonus items

A Rank: 4 bonus items

S Rank: 5 bonus items

How do I get S Rank in Monster Hunter Stories 2?

Accumulating points during battle is the key to a good rank, and there are many ways to do that. The most lucrative way to earn a bunch of points is to win the fight in very few rounds. Winning within 1-3 rounds against multiple enemies will normally bag you a bunch of points towards your 500 point target.

You also get points for winning Head to Head matches, using Skills on enemies, Riding on your Monstie, executed a Double Attack and using Kinship Skills. If you do these more than once you get more points, and if you kill an enemy using a Skill or Kinship Skill you get a further points bonus. Also if you remain undefeated in Head to Heads throughout the entire battle you’ll get bonus points too.

Whenever you earn points, you’ll see a message appear during battle so pay attention to these to understand when you’re doing really well. The more you replicate these in battle, the more likely to hit 500 points and bag that S Rank.

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