Monster Hunter Stories 2 | How to farm Monster Parts

by on July 9, 2021

In Monster Hunter Stories 2, you’ll be collecting many different Monster Parts to the point where looking to farm them efficiently is well worth knowing. Monster Parts are useful in getting stronger, more useful gear, and knowing how to get a hold of them quickly could save you hours of play time. We’ve collated the best tips to help you farm Monster Parts effectively in Monster Hunter Stories 2.

Where do you earn Monster Parts?

The most common place to earn Monster Parts in monster Hunter Stories 2 is after a battle with a Monster. You’ll then earn Monster Parts based on which Monsters you successfully defeated in battle.

How do I earn more Monster Parts?

Monster Hunter Stories 2 S Rank

The amount of Monster Parts you receive at the end of each battle is dependent on your Battle Ranking. You should be aiming for an S Rank in each fight to earn the maximum bonus of 5 items (many of which will be Monster Parts) after each fight if you’re looking to farm a certain monster. This means each fight is returning the maximum amount each time.

For more information about S Rank and how to achieve it, check out our Guide here

How to farm a specific Monster Part in Monster Hunter Stories 2

Monster Parts are used to forge and upgrade specific weapons, and so if you want the strongest available equipment, chances are you’ll need to be farming certain Monsters to get the Parts you need. The main way to go about this is to look out for that particular Monster out in the overworld. Most Monsters appear in the same areas repeatedly, so you can go and refight Monsters again and again. They may also appear randomly in Dens, and so knowing what Monster Parts you need, means you can make a beeline towards these random encounters when they occur.

Alternatively, it is also worth checking the Quest Board. On here, there will be special missions known as Trial Quests that pit you against specific Monsters. They also offer rewards based on how quickly you defeat them. These Trial Quests can be retried as many times as you wish, so if one of those Monsters is one of those whose Parts you need, this is a much more efficient way of farming them than wandering around the overworld looking for Monsters.

If you are struggling to locate certain Monsters out in the field there’s a tactic you can use. The trick is to use the Monster Search skill which some Monsties have. When riding this Monstie around environments, you can send out a ping which will mark Monsters on your map. You can then scan to see if you desired Monster is on the map and go directly to them.

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