Monster Hunter Stories 2 | How to get Zenny fast

by on July 9, 2021

Zenny is the main currency in Monster Hunter Stories 2 and is used to purchase a wide variety of things. It can be used to buy support items but will be mainly used to forge or upgrade weapons and armour throughout your adventure. As such it’s important that you keep your balance healthy throughout so you can have the latest equipment. If you find yourself a little short for the next upgrade, do not worry. We’ve got a handy guide here to help you get Zenny fast in Monster Hunter Stories 2.

How can I earn Zenny in Monster Hunter Stories 2?

The main method of obtaining Zenny in the game is to complete Sub Quests. These are available on the Quest Board in any village in the game. You can choose to accept as many quests as you like, and when you’ve completed a bunch of them you can turn them in for your rewards back at any Quest Board.

Often the rewards for completing quests will nab you some EXP for Monsties in your Monstie Party as well as some Zenny which will get automatically added to your bank balance. Completing Sub Quests is by far the best way to guarantee Zenny because you actually don’t acquire it by beating Monsters out in the field, so focussing on your Sub Quests should be a priority.

Can I earn Zenny any other way?

The most obvious other way to earn Zenny is to sell items in your possession. It’s recommended that as you play through Monster Hunter Stories 2, that you forage everything you see. Whether these are plants, mushrooms, honey, fish, bugs, or even minerals, you should collect everything. Even if it’s not something you desperately need, you can always sell it back at a shop for a few extra Zenny, and if you sell multiple items this way, you’ll soon see your bank balance increase.

Also when selling items at a Merchant, you have the option of automatically selling all of your Trade-In items. Trade-In items are items that serve no purpose other than being sold for Zenny so go ahead and sell! Pittance Fangs and Fortune Fangs are examples of Trade-In items.

Similarly, you can also sell Monster Parts you have a large amount of. This is particularly useful if you’ve been getting a lot of S Ranks in battles and acquiring Monster Parts.

For more information on achieving S Rank, check out our guide here.

Other Useful Zenny tips

Chests may also contain Zenny, so if you see a chest icon pop up on the mini-map it’s always worth opening it, as you could be rewarded with some free Zenny.

Also, if you’ve decided Sub Quests are the way to go for earning Zenny, remember that you can redo any quest still on your list. If it shows as “Complete” you can actually redo that quest by submitting it again. You’ll earn the rewards again and earn more EXP and Zenny too.

With all these tips you should be earning Zenny really fast in Monster Hunter Stories 2.