Thumper coming to Apple Arcade this week

by on September 29, 2021

Apple Arcade has been a pretty good deal since it launched back in 2019, still offering a massive library of games for a low price. The quality of games has been getting better and better too, even with the likes of Grindstone and Monster Hunter Stories available on Apple devices already.

This week Apple has sent word that Thumper: Pocket Edition will be launching on October 1st in Apple Arcade. Crayola Create and Play is also on the coming soon list, here’s the official info on that:

“Crayola Create and Play from Red Games Co. is the official Crayola creativity app that encourages curiosity, helps develop artistic independence, and is a safe place for self-expression. It’s so much more than drawing and coloring pages. Crayola Create and Play is inspired by STEAM and STEM education techniques, teaching core development principles through play. With regular content updates including new features, activities, seasonal content, and learning games, players always have new things to explore and master.”

LEGO Star Wars Battles just launched recently as well for the service, but Apple Arcade and Thumper sounds like a match made in heaven. Headphones on, focus: play. That said, maybe worth checking out if there’s any audio latency if you’re wearing AirPods or the like.