[ENDED] Win Maneater on Nintendo Switch

by on September 26, 2021

We’ve teamed up with Tripwire Interactive to offer FIVE lucky people the chance to win Maneater on Nintendo Switch. The game described as a shARkPG is out now on Nintendo Switch, and we previously reviewed it and really enjoyed it. This contest is for North American gamers, because we almost always do UK and EU code, so wanted to give somthing back to our friends over the pond. Yes, we know many of you will have USA accounts on Switch, and that’s on your conscience, because we’re hoping to get five USA Switch players enjoying some Shark on Eel (and other various animals) action.

Maneater on Switch is currently 40% off until October 3rd, as it’s part of the Nintendo Blockbuster eShop Sale. If you don’t manage to win a copy, perhaps go and check out the heavy discount on the game.

Here’s a snippet from our review of the game back in May 2020:

“Maneater has “cult hit” written all over it. And it’s more than deserving of that status. You’ll catch physics bugs and visual glitches here and there. You might occasionally wonder what the hell Tripwire were pouring on their cornflakes some mornings. And you’ll almost certainly get lost now and then as you navigate the murky waters chased by the eighteenth alligator of the day, but if you’re prepared to dive in and let Maneater drag you away, you’ll find a genuinely entertaining and imaginative RPG to sink your teeth into.”

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Our standard terms and conditions apply, and the decision of the editorial team is final. No code exchange will be possible: all five winners will receive a USA code for Maneater on Nintendo Switch. If you win Maneater on Switch, make sure you tweet us a screenshot of you playing it!