Escape Academy Lab Rat Walkthrough

by on July 14, 2022

Lab Rat is the sixth escape room in Escape Academy by Coin Crew Games, and here is our walkthrough to help you through every step:

Escape Academy Lab Walkthrough Details

Time to complete: 25 Minutes

Difficulty Rating: 3/5


Turn on the Lights

This level starts off pretty dark because the power is out, and so that should be your first priority. You’ll notice if you turn around and look around the doorway where you start that there is piping with three holes in it. So you need to find three Power Tubes to plug the gap.

One is on a chair on the far wall from the one you entered through. One is in the chillout area to the left, with the snack machines and a TV in it. It can also be found on a sofa. The final one is placed on an equipment board on the wall in the corner, not far from the first Tube you found.

Once all three are found, you need to place them in the piping gaps to complete the tube.

Now we need to jumpstart the power. To the left of the generator, you’ll notice a hamster wheel – so you can guess where we’re going to get our power from. First, you’ll need to grab a handful of coins from the table in the chill out area, which you’ll be using in the vending machine to try and get your hands on a Donut.

Before that, head out into the main computer area, turn left and look for the Sudoku picture on the wall. It’s worth either noting down the Sudoku layout on a piece of paper, or if you’re in co-op, having someone stand and look at it so you have it as a point of reference.

With the Sudoku numbers to hand, approach the vending machine and insert your coins. You’ll notice each spot in the vending machine has a letter and number attributed to it, and the key is working out what the right input is to secure the Donut. A quick cross-reference with the Sudoku reveals that each of the numbers in the Sudoku match up to a letter in the vending machine:

A = 1
B = 2
C = 3
D = 4

So given we know the Donut is placed on a “3” square of the Sudoku, we know the first part of the vending machine entry is “C”. To find out the number you need to use regular Sudoku logic, that the same number can’t be on the same row or column. Given that the numbers A2 and B1 are on the same row, the number cant be 1 or 2. And then B3 is on the same column, which eliminates the number 3. As such 4 is the number we need. This means the correct entry for the Donut is C4.

Armed with the Donut, turn around and approach the far wall. You’ll notice a rat eating some pizza and it’ll run off as you approach. Look to your right and you’ll see some plates on the floor. Place the Donut on the plates, and the rat will eat the Donut, giving you a chance to pick it up. You now have Tumeric the rat.

Go back to the generator and place Turmeric on the wheel, to jump start the generator. You’ll now have power.

Turn off the Lasers

With the power now on, you’ll notice some lasers have appeared across the middle of the main room preventing you from accessing the QUANTY terminal. If you cross them, the machine shuts down. We need to find a way to turn off the lasers. Luckily there is a handy Laser Shutdown terminal to the left of where the lasers are. To initiate it though, you’ll need the password.

We’ll actually be resetting the password though, so click on the “Forgot Password?” button. This will pull up two security checks you need to complete. You need to find out the “Mother’s Name” and “Dog’s Name”. For those, we’ll need to explore a bit more.

With the power back on, the other machines that are now working are the five computers on the desks. However, whenever you try to interact with one of them, it requires a passcode made up of five shapes. To realise this solution, you literally need to take a step back. Move backward until you have all five PC screens in your vision. You will notice that each has a screensaver with a moving icon tracing out different shapes. This is actually the five-shape password you need. The password is:

Square, Circle, Square, Triangle, Circle

Put this into any computer, and it will unlock. You’ll now have access to files and a virus. Clicking on the Files will give you the answers you need for the password:

Mother’s Name: Dell-Ilah
Pet’s Name: Sprocket.

With this information, your Password will be reset to “SAFER”. Input this into the computer, and the lasers will be shut down. You can now access the QUANTY persona computer with no issues.

Install a Virus

You’ll need to take note that the persona is #13, as we will need that in a second. If you return to one of the five computers you unlocked, as well as Files, you’ll also have access to a Virus. When you interact with it, it will ask you for the correct 4-digit binary code. Given that QUANTY’s persona is #13, you’ll need a 13 Virus. If you know how 4-bit binary works, then you’ll have your answer, but if not, there is a machine behind the PCs that allows you to play with the 1s and 0s to get the number you want. For 13 you’ll need to input the following code onto the virus:


Once that is done you’ll receive Virus #13 on Floppy Disk. Go and insert that into the QUANTY Persona terminal to progress to…Disco Fever!

Get Your Groove On!

That’s right, the floor is now a dance floor, with some movement puzzles needed to progress. When you step onto the dance floor, your position is indicated by a head icon on the big screen. You need to end up standing on the feet icon to win. There are a few of these to complete, you must avoid the red skull icons on later challenges, and before the end, the screen will flip upside down to confuse you to which direction you need to go. Take it steady and follow your movements on the screen, and you shouldn’t have too much trouble.

Completing them will open up the door to the Server Room which has been shut this whole time.

Finish the Job

In the Server Room, you need to initiate the Manual Override Protocol to finish the room. First, you’ll need to head into the room, and interact with the computer at the end. Then you’ll need to pull each of the eight levers in the correct order to finish the override.

Every time you pull the wrong lever, you need to start again from the beginning. For simplicity, the order you need to pull each lever to win, and complete the escape room is as follows:

E, B, D, H, F, G, C, A

Congratulations, you have completed the Lab Rat escape room.