Escape Academy The Breakout Walkthrough

by on July 14, 2022

The Breakout is the fifth escape room in Escape Academy by Coin Crew Games, and here is our walkthrough to help you through every step:

Escape Academy The Breakout Walkthrough Details

Time to complete: 25 Minutes

Difficulty Rating: 3/5


Make Contact

The first thing you need to do is make contact with the Headmaster. To do that, head over to the desk in front of you and take a look at the Radio Operator’s shorthand. Most of it is unnecessary, but the thing you want to pay attention to is:

“10-4 Affirmative / OK”
“10-10 Negative / No”

Now, go to the radio next to it and input “10-4” into it. This will let the Headmaster know that you’re ready for the mission.

Disable the Turret

The Headmaster will then enter the complex, and before long she will declare she has a turret on her, and needs help to disable it. On one of the screens you can see the serial number of the camera, with some image below it.

To figure out the Serial Number you need to treat the puzzles like old-style Dingbats. Read out what you see and you should get the answer. So:

Bone – b is one = 1
Six D is sixty = 60

So the Serial Number is 160. Key that in over the radio for the Headmaster and the turret will be disabled.

Next the Headmaster will ask you a few questions. The first will be:

“Is there a computer terminal on the first deck?”

To answer this refer to the layout of the decks in the manual to the left of the screens. You will see on the Deck 01 pages that there is no picture of a computer terminal. So go back to the Radio and this time enter “10-10” to reply that it isn’t there.

She will then ask:

“Ok, so which deck is the computer terminal on?”

A quick peruse of the deck layouts again show a computer terminal on Deck 02. So reply on the radio with “2”, and she will thank you and head there.

Recombobulate Yourself

QUANTY will then announce that the ship is on the move, and as such we have lost our communications with the Headmaster. We need to hone in on its new location.

For this we need to look to the right of the room. There is a big map dictating the route of the ship depending on the time. You then have a machine that can pinpoint a new radio signal on the map on the desk in front of it. The key is knowing which part of the map the ship will be.

To find out, look to the right and you will see a clock that is counting down the current time. Cross-reference this with the map picture to see where the ship should be now. Then select the corresponding grid-map on the machine and you will find yourself back in radio contact with the ship.

Locate the Prisoner

With audio and visual contact re-established, radio the Headmaster a “10-4” to let her know you’re back. She will then fax you over some key information regarding the cell that Eel is being held captive in.

Go over to the Fax Machine and pick up the three pieces of Prison Data. They contain the clues you need to find Eel. They read:

“DO NOT hold the subject on the same floor as a Trash Compactor. He would escape through chutes.”
“Subject must be held between the mail room and the cafeteria”
“Subject must be held on a floor with an even number of cells, in Cell #3”

Using these clues and cross-referencing the deck layouts of the ship, there is only one solution to which Deck Eel’s cell must be on, and it must be cell number 3. But if you’re struggling the cell number is:


Go and enter that code into the radio, and the Headmaster will rush off to that cell to release Eel.

Copy the Key

After a brief conversation, the Headmaster will initiate a protocol that opens up more of the room you are in and now we need to create Eel’s key. To do that we need to analyse the lock. Luckily each lock is colour-coded and you can see on one of the screens that Eel’s lock is coded as follows:

White, Red, Blue, White, Red

Now, if you head over to your right you will see a big screen that says “Eel’s Cell Key” at the top, and then a blank screen. This is because we don’t know about his key yet. What you need to do is interact with the arrows to the left and right, so that you scroll through some other key shapes. You’ll notice that different colours represent a change in the angle of the lock. So:

Blue: Down 2 spaces
Red: Up 2 spaces
White: Down 1 space
Yellow: Up 1 space

So now we’re getting somewhere. Turn around and go to the other side of the room. Here is where you need to combine Eel’s lock colour code with what the colours represent to create the lock for the Headmaster. So using the machine you need to do the following

1st part: Down 1 space
2nd part: Up 2 spaces
3rd part: Down 2 spaces
4th part: Down 1 space
5th part: Up 2 spaces

Once that is entered you should get a successful message appear, and the code for the key, which is:


Now you need to radio the “24213” code to the Headmaster so she can make the key.

Flip the Breakers

Once Eel is out of his cell, it’s clear his captors are onto you and before long QUANTY struggles to maintain the power. Turn around to your left and face the back corner and you should a UV Flashlight on the wall. Pick it up to help with the next puzzle.

Now all of a sudden, all of those blank signs on the wall become useful. Shining the UV Flashlight at them reveals a set of clues which we’ll need in a moment. They are:


Now if you make your way to the right corner behind the main console screen (it is also lit up with UV Light), you can put these clues to good use.

You will see a terminal with a set of letters down each side. In the middle of the letters is a switch that can be flipped to the left or right. Flipping it to the left or right signifies the letter the switch points to. So using the clues we’ve just found we can work out the only solution that agrees with all the clues.

If you’re still struggling the solution is:

First Switch: C
Second Switch: H
Third Switch: A
Fourth Switch: R
Fifth Switch: G
Sixth Switch: E

It cutely spells CHARGE. But chances are you’ve solved the puzzle before you notice that.

Save the Day

With the power restored, now we can focus on helping Headmaster and Eel escape. They will make it to the top deck of the ship, but they will be pinned down by turrets. We need to do the same as before and identify the Turret serial number using Dingbats logic. On the screen you will see the following:

S+ even numbers is seven = 7
Third teen is thirteen = 13

So the serial number of the turret is 713. Enter it on the radio. You will automatically be taken to the screen to your right, where you are now in control of the hacked turret. Follow the gunfire to locate the turrets firing at Headmaster and Eel, and shoot them to save the day and finish this escape room.