Escape Academy Under Pressure Walkthrough

by on July 14, 2022

Under Pressure is the fourth escape room in Escape Academy by Coin Crew Games, and here is our walkthrough to help you through every step:

Escape Academy Under Pressure Walkthrough Details

Time to complete: ???

Difficulty Rating: 3/5


The First Floor

This challenge will ultimately see you having to complete puzzles against the clock to avoid the rising water that comes in at each floor. So your first target will be to escape the First Floor. To begin with you’ll need to find a key.

Walk immediately in front of you and then look to the left. You should see a briefcase, which you can interact with. Do so to get the Small Key.

Now, you’ll want to approach the power box on the wall to your right. It will have a padlock on the bottom and you can use the Small Key to open it.

You’ll then want to pull the switch to turn off the power. This turns off all the lights, and crucially the keypad you need to use to escape, so remember that for later. What turning the lights off does do though is reveal some glow in the dark paint on the walls you couldn’t previously see. If you turn around from the Power Switch, you should see a glowing hand print on the wall opposite. Go over there and interact with it.

It will reveal a hidden cache containing Clippers, Hammer and a Screwdriver, which will be handy for the future.

Go over to the wooden board with the heart on it you’ll have noticed earlier and use the Hammer to remove the nails. Once removed, you’ll see the following word in glow in the dark paint written on the wall:


This is the code we need to escape the First Floor. But before we can use it we need to turn the power back on, so go ahead and re-flip the switch to turn it back on.

Now you can go to the keypad and enter the code. The letters on the keypad are grouped, so you need to press the one containing the letters you need in order. So for FEAR, you need to press:

[def], [def], [abc], [pqr]

This will unlock the door, and reveal a ladder which you can climb to the second floor.

The Second Floor

Again we’re looking for a code word to escape this floor. The first thing you’ll want to do is locate the Blue Valve Handle. It is suspended in the middle of the room on a cord, and you’ll need to use the Clippers that you have to cut it free.

When you have the Blue Valve Handle, you’ll want to connect it to the spot in between the Red and Yellow Valve Handles that are already attached. This will now enable you to solve the next puzzle section.

Now divert your attention to various clues adorning the walls. They all describe relationships between the values of Red, Yellow and Blue. The clues are:

“Blue is more than Yellow, but less than Red.”
“Yellow is odd.”
“No Valve should be set to 5.”
“Red is double Yellow.”

You now need to spin the values to put the correct values below each valve according to the clues. There is only one solution that works. If you’re having trouble, the solution is:

Yellow: 3
Blue: 4
Red: 6

You’ll now unlock a small room beyond the Valves. Inside is a cog wheel you can turn which raises a sort of fishing line hook. Attached to hook is the Rusty Key, which you can grab.

Head back out this small room, and you’ll likely have noticed by this point a video camera suspended, which has a padlock beneath it. Well use the Rusty Key on the padlock to grab the Handicam.

Now go back into the small room and place the Handicam on the hook. You’ll now want to turn the cog to submerge the handicam into the water.

If you return outside you can inspect what the Handicam can see, and you’ll notice that there is a word on a sign – WILL.

So now you’ll need to go to the code machine, and enter following based on the WILL code you’ve just found:

[vwx], [ghi], [jkl], [jkl]

And now you can climb the ladder to the Third Floor

The Third Floor

On this new floor, you’ll firstly want to find three Acryllic Sheets. The first is on the wall to your right at the top of the ladder, so grab that. The second can be found on a red sofa in the corner of the room.

The final one can be found in a cardboard box near the other corner. Once you have all three, return to the board area where you found the first Acryllic Sheet. You now need to place each one correctly.

You’ll want to place the first one you found on the far right, which should create a “0” shape from a digital clock. The second one (from the sofa) should be placed in the centre, creating a “1” shape. And then finally the one you found in a cardboard box should go on the left, creating a “5” shape. And now, as you’ve guessed you now have the following code:


To the left of the board, you will find toilet that can be interacted with, which will lift the seat up and reveal the Safe Manual. Follow the room right round the back, past the cardboard box and you will find a safe. Now the Safe Manual codes look like this:

MK1: Circle, Square, Cross, Square, Circle
MK2: Square, Cross, Square, Circle, Circle
MK3 Cross, Square, Circle, Circle, Square
MK4: Square, Circle, Circle, Square, Cross

Now unfortunately, our safe is a MK5. But what you may notice is that all the codes are similar, they are just moving the shapes one space to the left each time. Therefore if we take the MK4 code, and shift the shapes one space to the left, we have our safe code. If you’re struggling to work it out, the code is:

Circle, Circle, Square, Cross, Square

Now on the MK5 safe, use the circle and square buttons and the cross-shaped handle in that order to unlock it. Inside you will find the Switch Handle. We need this to turn off the power.

Now approach the Power Unit as before, but you will find it is locked by a padlock, requiring a 3-digit code. Use the “510” code we discovered before. Once open, attach the Switch Handle to Power Supply and interact with it to turn off the power.

As before turning off the power will reveal some glow in the dark paint. Turn around and look towards your Acryllic Sheets. You’ll see on the wall next to them, and additional symbol, which is the letter W. Used together with the sheets, its actually now reveals the word code “SLOW”.

Don’t forget to turn the power back on and then approach the keypad as usual, and now enter the SLOW code using the following inputs:

[stu], [jkl], [mno], [vwx]

And now take the ladder to the fourth floor.

The Fourth Floor

The first thing to do here, is look immediately to your right, and inspect a tool bag on the floor, to tool you up again with the Clippers, Hammer and Screwdriver. You then need to approach the workbench in the corner to get hold of two Strange Devices.

Immediately turn around and you should see a Cipher Sheet, which will help you with the next step.

Now you need to go exploring around the room for some strange letters painted which make no sense. The key is (similar to the Introductions level) is to use the Cipher Sheet to decode what the letters really mean and then act accordingly.

The first message you can see will look like this:


Which if you look at the Cipher Sheet translates to:


There is another set of words to find too. These are:


Again, using the Cipher Sheet, this translates to:


You now have to codes to use for the next part of the puzzle: UNDER PRESSURE and OVER WEIGHT.

Dotted around the room are various dials, discussing the various attributes of the water in the system. The two dials you now need to locate are based on the codes we now have so you’ll need to find the dials for PRESSURE and WEIGHT.

Start with Pressure. Next to all the dials, there will be a panel, open up the Pressure panel, and then attach one of the Strange Devices to it. You can now select “OVER” or “UNDER” and as we know, this needs to be set to “UNDER” for Pressure. This reveals the following code:

# U R

Now we need to do the same but this time with the Weight dial. Find it and attach the Strange Device to the panel, but this time set it to “OVER” as this is what the clue told us to do for the Weight. Doing so will reveal the following code:

Y O #

So now we have two codes, but what they are in reality is two halves of one code. So if you put them together, you get the word “YOUR”.

Now we just need to put the YOUR code into the keypad to open the way up to the fifth floor. So in the keypad enter the following:

[yz], [mno], [stu], [pqr]

And now you can make your way to the fifth floor.

The Fifth Floor

Climb up to the fifth floor and you will see a room with pipes all over the wall and a central caged column in the middle. Make your way round the back of the caged column and you will see a wooden crate on the floor.

Inspecting the cage and you’ll be told it’s fragile, what a shame eh? Smack it with your Hammer and it’ll be destroyed, revealing an Old Map within.

It is highly recommended that you take time to draw out exactly what you see on the Old Map. Specifically the four by four grid, where each number goes, and also don’t forget the yellow diamond in the middle.

What the Old Map is showing you is actually a collection of four separate 2×2 grids. You need to find the right 2×2 grids, and the words within them. And then once you have all four, you take the letters from the marked places to find your four-letter code for the keypad.

The way to find out the words on the grids that are dotted around the walls is to connect power to them and then letters will appear. To make that happen, firstly you need to flip the switch on the power unit to give you a starting point.

Then you’ll have rotatable pipe corners to direct the power to certain 2×2 grids. There are more 2×2 grids than what you need though. The ones to look out for are the ones with a yellow triangle in the corner, and that dictates where on the 4×4 grid it sits.

After some experimenting with the pipes, you’ll find that the four words you are looking for are MOVE, KIND, BEND and FIRE.

And the way they need to be rearranged on the 4×4 grid is as follows:


And then if you match up where the numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4 are on the Old Map, you see that the code you are looking for is:


Put this into the keypad, using the following inputs:

[mno], [ghi], [mno], [def]

Then climb up the ladder, and there’s just one more thing we need to do to escape. To open the locked door infront of you, look to the terminal on the right. It is asking you:

“What is the moral of this story?”

And your answer is your five codes put together in order, so:


Put that into the terminal by selecting the words, and you will finish the escape room.