Disney Dreamlight Valley Donald Duck | How to unlock him

by on September 26, 2022

Other than Mickey and Goofy, few Disney characters are as popular as Donald Duck, and having him as a villager in Disney Dreamlight Valley is pretty cool. To unlock him, you’ll have to find the Orb of Courage, but it’s well worth it. We’ve put together a guide on exactly how you’ll invite Donald to live with you.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Donald Duck | Visit the Forest of Valor

Once you’ve unlocked the Forest of Valor for 5,000 Dreamlight, go and talk to Kristoff who’ll be stood near the pillar towards the south of the area. He’ll tell you about Donald Duck and how he got lost in a place called the Dark Grove aka, the purple portal located right in front of you. After stepping through the portal, you’ll find one of Donald’s feathers. Return to Kristoff and he’ll tell you to go and talk to Merlin for a way to help save him from the Dark Grove.

Crafting the Enchanted Feather

In order to save Donald Duck, Merlin will ask you to collect some ingredients in order for him to make an Enchanted Feather. You’ll need the following:

  • Donald’s Feather (1)
  • Emerald (2)
  • Plant from the Dark Grove/Vile Herb (1)
  • Dream Shard (4)

You already have the feather, and the emeralds can be mined from the rock spots in the Forest of Valor. The vile herb will be on the tree branch within the Dark Grove portal, and Dream Shards can be found from removing night thorns, or feeding critters some food. Once you have everything, return to Merlin and he’ll make the Enchanted Feather.

Return to the Dark Grove

Return to the Dark Grove for one final time and follow the enchanted feather through the woods. Stay close, and eventually it’ll lead you to Donald Duck. Not only will he come back to the valley, but he’ll also give you the Orb of Courage, meaning you should now have another Orb to help restore the valley to its former glory.