Disney Dreamlight Valley | Complete guide

by on September 6, 2022

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a delightful game where you get to build your own little community full of Disney characters, but one where a guide can come in handy. In the game, you’ll get the opportunity to welcome three additional characters to your village. These are Remy from Rataouille, as well as Wall-E and Moana. However, to get them all you’ll need to complete each of their questlines before they will agree to move to their village.

These can be quite tricky to do if you’re not sure what to do but have no fear, we here at God is a Geek, have got you covered. We’ve pulled together a guide for each of these characters’ questlines in Disney Dreamlight Valley for you to follow. So check them out below if you’re having any trouble.

As well as that, we’ve also pulled together some more general guides to help you get the most out of Disney Dreamlight Valley. So scroll down further to see our additional guides for some extra handy hints and tips.


Disney Dreamlight Valley guides



Ratatouille quest: how to cook each recipe

Disney Dream Valley ratatouille quest | How to cook each food


Wall-E quest: how to complete ‘The Shy Little Robot’

Disney Dreamlight Valley Wall-E Quest

Moana quest: how to get her to the village

Disney Dreamlight Valley Moana Quest

Maui quest: bring the demigod home

Disney Dreamlight Valley Maui Guide

Ursula quest: how to unlock the sea witch

Disney Dreamlight Valley Ursula Guide

Donald Duck: how to unlock him

Disney Dreamlight Valley Donald Duck Guide


Cloud save: how to play on any console or PC

Disney Dream Valley cloud save: how to use it

Fast travel: how to do it and how it works

Disney Dreamlight Valley Fast Travel Guide

House expansion: how to upgrade your home

Friendships: how to build them fast

Friendships Guide