Disney Dreamlight Valley Wall-E quest | How to complete ‘The Shy Little Robot’

by on September 6, 2022

Disney Dreamlight Valley is filled with tons of Disney characters for you to bring back to your village, and early on, you get a chance to welcome three of the most popular. Wall-E melted hearts when he hit the big screen in 2008, and ever since he’s been a firm fan favourite. That’s why it’s so cool that he’s one of the first characters you get to welcome into your home. The ‘Shy Little Robot’ quest isn’t massively difficult, but their are a lot of moving parts that lead you to finally bringing the famous trash collector into your home. We’ve put together this Disney Dreamlight Valley Wall-E quest guide together to show you everything you need to be able to complete it.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Wall-E quest: Missing parts

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, after the opportunity arises to meet visit one of three characters after talking to Merlin pretty early on at the castle, Wall-E is in the room to the far left. Once you’ve been transported to the garbage-filled world, he’ll be right there ready to talk to. The first task he’ll give you is to find his missing part so that he can be fixed. To do so, you’ll need to find the refrigerator handle. You can see below where it is, and once you’ve grabbed it, head to the refrigerator that won’t open without the part. Inside, you’ll find his wheels. Grab them and then go back to talk to him.

Trash Cubes and special plants

The next couple of tasks require you to give Wall-E a selection of items he needs to do his jobs. He maybe shy, but he cares a great deal about the environment, so helping him with the trash is the first port of call. There’re tons of trash piles scattered around, so you’ll need to collect as much as you can. Once you’ve got enough, head to the work bench and start making Trash Cubes. Once you’ve made the required amount, give them to Wall-E.

He’ll then ask you to plant some seeds that’ll grow a special kind of plant. Some of these seeds will be in the refrigerators, and some will be scattered around. Use your shovel to dig up highlighted patches to find some of the hidden seeds. Once planted and watered, wait for them to grow (it won’t take long). Once you’ve grown enough, take them to Wall-E for the next part of the mission.

The fire extinguisher, the boot, and the ball

For anyone who loves the movie, the unforgettable scene where Wall-E uses the fire extinguisher to fly around in space has to be one of the best. It makes sense that it makes an appearance in the Disney Dreamlight Valley Wall-E quest. The little robot is still a little reluctant to follow you back to the village, so you’ll need something really special to get him to come with you. Head back to Merlin, and he’ll tell you that Scrooge McDuck has one for sale. However, you can’t just buy one for an amount of coins. Once you’ve spoken to Scrooge, he’ll ask you to mine two Garnets and bring them back in exchange for the fire extinguisher. The Garnets are the read gems, so avoid any of the other colours for now. Once you’ve got them, take them back to Scrooge and he’ll give you the fire extinguisher.

You’ll now need to grab the ball and the special boot. You’ll need to talk to both Mickey Mouse and Goofy to be able to get these items, but it’s pretty straightforward. Goofy will tell you that the boot with the plant growing in it (yes, that one) is in one of the pons in the Meadow. We found it in the picture below, and it won’t take long to fish at all.

Next, you’ll need to talk to Mickey who’ll tell you the ball is back at his house. Again, after a bit of searching, it’s found in the far left corner of his house behind the sofa. Grab it, then head back to Wall-E, and you’ll finally be able to bring him to the village.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Wall-E quest: Moving in

Once you’ve given the items to Wall-E, he’ll finally come with you. The final step to get him all cosy in his new village is to build him a place to live. All you’ll need to do is find a plot of land that doesn’t have any thorns covering it. You may need to remove some thorns, but it won’t take long. Go to the inventory and into the furniture to tab to find it at the top with a little picture of the little guy. Once you’ve set the desired location, click to build and then pay the 1,000 coin from the Scrooge sign, and there you have it. Wall-E is now a part of your community.

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