Disney Dreamlight Valley Moana quest | How to get her to the village

by on September 6, 2022

We don’t know how far you’ll go to get Moana to come to your village, but we hope you appreciate that hilarious play on words at the start of this sentence. Ok, ok, we know it was bad, but maybe we can redeem ourselves by showing you exactly how to bring her to you village. The Disney Dreamlight Valley Moana quest is an enjoyable one, and not only does it feature the heroine from Motunui, you’ll also bump into everyone’s favourite demigod, Maui. Read on to find out how to complete the questline in Disney Dreamlight Valley and have Moana as a neighbour.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Moana quest: get that canoe fixed

After travelling to Motunui and talking with Moana, she’ll ask you to collect some wood and silk from around the island to fix her boat. It’s worth noting that both materials are found on the beach and not in the grassy area where Maui is hanging out. Once you’ve found the items, take them to Moana and she’ll get right on fixing the canoe. Check the edges of the water and behind trees for the wood, as some of it isn’t obvious to see. The silk webs are found in the ground and resemble a ball of yarn.

Get to know Maui

Your next job is to go and talk to Maui, if only to inflate his ego. He wants to test you on just how much you know about him, so he’ll send you to find out all about him from Moana. She’ll then tell you some things about him, but most of it is common knowledge if you’ve seen the film a few times. He’ll ask three questions, and the answers are as follows:

  • Q: What is my official title? A: Maui, shapeshifter, demigod of the wind and sea, hero to all!
  • Q: What did I, Hero to all, bury to make coconut trees? A: Eels!
  • Q: What power do I get from my fishhook? A: Shapeshifting!

Once you’ve impressed the demigod, he’ll upgrade your pickaxe which will let you remove some sea debris from behind the canoe. Once you’ve done that, it’s time to set sail!

Lighting the way

The next bit can take a bit of time unless you know exactly where to go. After setting sail on the canoe, you’ll receive a map that shows various locations across the nearby ocean. There’re four places in total, and once you find something to light the way, you’ll be able to break through the mist. Out of the four locations, head to the Coral Reef and you’ll find a lantern that can be given to Moana. She’ll attach it to the canoe and you’ll finally be able to brave the mists.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Moana quest: gone fishing

Once you’ve entered the mists, Moana asks you to catch a fish. Turn right and look over the edge into the water and you’ll see an orange circle, indicating a special fish. It’ll take about four button presses to reel it in, but you’ll eventually catch an Albino Tuna. Hand it to Moana and she’s ready to come to the island. Like with the Wall-E quest, you’ll need to find a plot of land in the valley, and she hints that a spot near the beach would be ideal (assuming you’ve unlocked it at this point). Once done and Scrooge has been paid 2,000 coins, Moana will be ready to move in.

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