Escape Academy Take to the Skies Walkthrough

by on November 10, 2022

Take to the Skies is the first escape room in the Escape Academy DLC Escape from Anti-Escape Island by Coin Crew Games, and here is our walkthrough to help you through every step:

Escape Academy Take to the Skies Walkthrough Details

Time to complete: 25 Minutes

Difficulty Rating: 3/5


Decode the Skypher

Your first port of call should be the jet bathroom. Handily on the toilet is the Skypher Magazine. Pick it up. Pin it up in front of you to start decoding it. You’ll notice the first clue is done for you:


What this means is:


Now we need to solve the other puzzles using their pictures. The next picture is an ICE CREAM, which means:


This gives us four more letters for our Skypher:


Now onto our last clue which we can see is a pair of SHOES, which means:


Which gives us these final three letters for our Skypher:


With all these letters we can now solve the riddle on the left-hand page of the Magazine:

Fun Tip: Check the UHG FKDLUV

We can translate UHG FKDLUV using our Skypher letters to reveal:


Now if you explore the cabin, you’ll notice some of the rows are indeed made up of Red Chairs. What you might not know is what to do with that information.

The answer is to interact with the Window Covers on each row with Red Chairs. Each Window Cover has a letter on it. Once you have done this with all the Red Chair rows, you should have the following letters:


If you rearrange these to form a reasonably relevant word right now, you’d get:


Head to the Cockpit door and use the keypad to enter the code. So for AIRHEAD, you’d need to enter:

[abc], [ghi], [pqr], [ghi], [def], [abc], [def]

And the cockpit will open.


Turn on Autopilot

Firstly you’ll want to go over to Jeb and give him a satisfying slap to wake him up. He’ll then tell you that the engines are on fire and that you need to put them out.

The machine to do this is to the right of Jeb, behind the co-pilot seat. This machine reads:

In case of fire: Pull from left to right

All you now need to do is figure out which engines are where. To do this you’ll need to go back into the main cabin and look at the engines on the wings.

Begin by looking out the left window, to see the LIMA and OSCAR engines. Look out the right window to see the CHARLIE and KILO engines. So going from left to right, the engines would be:


The keen-eyed amongst you will notice this spells LOCK – just another Escape Academy easter egg. Pull the levers in this order, and the engine fires will be extinguished.

Jeb will comment however that the plane is imbalanced, and he could do with you rebalancing the luggage in the overhead compartments.

Before you start, you’ll want to grab the Luggage Infographic which can be found on a trolley, to the right of the Cargo Hold door at the other end of the plane. Pin this to your inventory. It details the following:

Blue Luggage = 10kg
Green Luggage = 20kg
Yellow Luggage = 30kg
Orange Luggage = 40kg
Red Luggage = 50kg

Now go and investigate the overhead luggage compartments. As you look down the plan at the cockpit, you’ll notice the right-hand side of the aircraft has the following luggage

Blue, Blue, Red, Blue, Blue, Space, Blue

And the left-hand side has:

Yellow, Yellow, Yellow, Yellow, Blue, Orange, Red


A quick conversion of the weights of the suitcases using the Luggage Infographic reveals that the total weight of each suitcase listed above is 320kg. However currently, there is 100kg on the right-hand side and 220kg on the left-hand side, and we need both sides to be 160kg to balance.

The simplest way to do this is to do the following:

  1. Take the Orange Luggage from the Left side and place it in the Space on the Right side
  2. Pick up a Blue Luggage from the Right side and place it in the Space on the Left side
  3. Pick up a Yellow Luggage from the Left side and place it in the Space on the Right side

You’ll know you’ve done it right because you’ll hear the familiar Escape Academy tune, and the overhead compartments will close automatically.

Now head back to the cockpit and press the Autopilot button in the centre to finally turn it on.


Try to Eject

Now you need to eject from the plan. head to the ejector seats where the Headmaster and Gillian are already seated. Pick a seat opposite and sit down. Then interact with the stick in from of you. Gillian and the Headmaster will eject successfully but Jeb will tell you we’re out of Ejector Fuel and you need to find some.


Crack the Cases

What you’re looking for here is access to the Cargo Hold, but to do that you’re going to need to get deep inside the Headmaster’s luggage. We’re going to need to get into some cases and find some keys.

The first case you come across is a red case with stickers all over it. You’ll notice the case combination is a 5-digit code where each digit is a shape. If you look closely, you’ll notice that each shape is the same shape as a sticker on the case.

To crack the code you need to put the shapes in the order they were put on the suitcase in. So the sticker most underneath will be first and so on. This means the correct code for this case is:

Rectangle, Hexagon, Triangle, Octagon, Circle

Input this code to unlock the suitcase. Inside you will find a Small Key.

Now move on to the case just to the right of the sticker case. Here you’ll find a case with four luggage tags on it that you need to line up. You can pull the tag and it will be pulled down to its marker at the bottom. Winding the key moves all labels back up a spot (unless they’re already at the top). The idea is to get each label to match with the label marker on the case.

You can do this through trial and error or you can follow the solution below:

  1. Pull the third label
  2. Spin wheel
  3. Pull the fourth label (the third and fourth should now be level)
  4. Spin wheel
  5. Pull the first label (the first, third, and fourth labels should now be level)
  6. Spin wheel
  7. Pull the second label

The case will open, and inside you will find another Small Key.

Now onto the third case, which is in a floor compartment to the left of where you are. In that compartment, you’ll want the one to the right, with a handle and wheels. When you inspect it, you’ll see you can raise the handle between the numbers 1 to 5. And the key is to find the correct order to raise the handle to unlock it.

The solution is actually right in front of you. Pay attention to the markings on the suitcase below the handle, and you’ll see inside the little flower motifs, you have different numbers of dots each time. This is the code for the suitcase. It is:

1, 4, 2, 5, 3

Raise and lower the suitcase handle to these numbers and you will unlock it. Inside is the third and final Small Key.

Now pay attention to the other case in this compartment – the one with two keys on it. Use Small Keys on it to keep opening each smaller and smaller case, until finally you retrieve the ID Card.


Blast off to Safety!

With the ID Card in hand, head to the Cargo Bay, and use the ID Card on the scanner to open the door, and head inside.

In front of you will be a wheel to turn, which will open a hatch. Inspect it to see the Ejector Fuel in the Cargo Hold with a lot of other luggage. You’ll need to move luggage around to get it out. You’ll likely be able to get this by playing around, but if you want the solution, then see below:

  1. Move the bottom-left green crate up
  2. Move the bottom grey crate left
  3. Move the orange crate down
  4. Move the Ejector Fuel down
  5. Move the left purple crate right
  6. Move the top-left yellow crate down
  7. Move the top grey crate left
  8. Move the orange crate up
  9. Move the Ejector Fuel up
  10. Move the right purple crate left
  11. Move the bottom-right yellow crate up
  12. Move the bottom-right green crate up
  13. Move the bottom grey crate right
  14. Move the central purple crate right
  15. Move the Ejector Fuel down and out of the hatch

Interact with the crate to pick up the Ejector Fuel. Head back to the Ejector Seats and use the Ejector Fuel on them. Jeb will sit down, and you should too. Interact with the stick again to eject properly this time and escape. Congratulations, thanks to our walkthrough you’ve finished Take to the Skies in the Escape Academy DLC.