Forspoken | Necklace Locations Guide

by on January 24, 2023

Like Cloaks, Necklaces can be upgraded in Forspoken, gievn new attributes and abilities and used to boost health and defence. There are upwards of a dozen to find throughout the world of Athia, and each one grants Frey boosted abilties to help in her fight against the Break. Follow our Forspoken Necklace Locations guide for a much easier time finding them all.

Some can be found by simply completeing combat challenges in ruins and abandoned towns, while others require you to clear out the Locked Labyrinth mini dungeons.

Forspoken Necklace Locations |  1. Orison

Defeat the boss of Locked Labyrinth: East, located to the east of Cipal.

2. Phool Sa

Clear the challenge in Thane, located south of Cipal in The Blessed Palins area.

Forspoken | Necklace Locations Guide

3. Nadezhda

Clear the challenge in Vivus, located in Middle Praenost.

Forspoken Necklace Locations | 4. Shrift

Defeat the boss of the Locked Labyrinth: Mountain, in Pioneers’ Plain.

5. Nemeni Prisaha

Retrieve Johedy’s toolbox by completing the “Sila’s Pact” Detour.

Forspoken | Necklace Locations Guide

6. Sarka

Clear the Ruins of Pagus, located in The Citadel area.

7. Aslani

Clear the challenge in Shoal Pond, located in The Water Garden.

Forspoken Necklace Locations | 8. Yavuz Gagnant

Clear the challenge in Colline, located in the Fountainfields.

Forspoken | Necklace Locations Guide

9. Othur

Clear the Ruins of Austur, located in the Windy Hills.

10. Troth

Defeat the boss of Locked Labyrinth: Depths, located in the Untrodden Forest.

Forspoken Necklace Locations | 11. Balle Balle

Clear the challenge in the Place of Prayer, located in The Sacred Peaks area.

We’ll update this list as we find more necklaces. In the meantime, why not check out our full review of Forspoken.

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