Hogwarts Legacy | How to open eye chests

by on February 6, 2023

The Hogwarts Legacy eye chests are infuriating. They aren’t everywhere, but when you discover them it’s clear there is a solution that’s – pardon the pun – staring you right in the eye. They hold lots of cash but seem to be impossible to open. With our guide to the The Hogwarts Legacy eye chests, you’ll soon be rolling in the cash.

What are the Hogwarts Legacy eye chests?

Put simply, the Hogwarts Legacy eye chests are normal chests with a big eye on them. As you soon as you draw near to them, they close up and you can’t get inside. You’ll need a solution to getting them open, and it’s more obvious than you realise.

How do I open them?

Hogwarts Legacy | How to open eye chests

To open the chests you need to be sure they don’t see you coming. There are two ways of doing this. After a few hours of in-game play, you’ll unlock “disillusionment” as a spell. This spell lets you become invisible, and you can approach the eye without being seen, and hit the action button to open it.

However, you can’t cast it right in front of them. You’ll need to be out of sight (round a corner, etc) when you case disillusionment, approach, and you’ll be able to open the chest. You could also use an invisibility potion if you’ve managed to get those early on as well.

What are the rewards like inside the chests?

This is why you’re here, right? The eye chests hold around 500 gold each, meaning you can quickly get loads of cash just for sneaking up to a chest and opening it.

Hogwarts Legacy | How to open eye chests

And that’s it. With this guide you’ll be grabbing 500 coins loads, as there are plenty of these eye chests scattered about in both Hogwarts, as well as Hogsmeade, and in some castles and monuments all around the world. Thank us later, you’re rich!