Hogwarts Legacy | How to unlock Flying Mounts

by on February 6, 2023

Getting to fly around on a Hippogriff is one of the most liberating and exciting parts of Hogwarts Legacy, but it’s also a key element to getting around, especially when you’re having to travel long distances as you approach the final quests of the main story. It’s fantastic mechanic which isn’t unlocked too early, but we know exactly how and when you get the flying mounts in Hogwarts Legacy, so we’ve detailed it below.

Hogwarts Legacy | How to unlock Flying Mounts: The High Keep

If you’ve been completing Natty’s quests, you’ll eventually unlock one called ‘The High Keep.’ Its level requirement is 17, so as long as you’ve reached that and are well equipped with the right gear, you shouldn’t have any problems in finishing it. You’ll also need to have unlocked Wingarium Leviosa at this point, as many of the environmental puzzles will require you to move crates to reach the upper echelons of the castle. Firstly, you’ll need to meet Natty near Falburton Castle. Once there, you’ll need to climb up to the top of it.

Platforms and poachers

The first level of the castle can be tricky to get up to, especially if you’ve placed a crate and still can’t reach it. We were able to do so by standing the crate on its side, providing a bit of extra height to jump up. Once on the next floor, you’ll have to fight off poachers that are everywhere, as well as using Wingardium Leviosa to move boxes and get to the subsequent floors. It’s important to try and use stealth as a means to progress, mainly so you don’t alert any extra poachers that might cause you trouble. You’ll have unlocked Petrificus Totalus during the first trial, so use this to turn enemies motionless.

Up, up, and away

At the very top of the tower, you’ll end up saving a Hippogriff that will carry you away from the tower and back to the safety of Hogwarts. As long as you keep up with Natty and manage to escape the castle, the flying mounts will now be yours for the rest of your time with Hogwarts Legacy. They can be equipped in open space much like the brooms, except you hold L1/LB and press Triangle/Y instead. Happy flying!

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